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  1. terraform-pipeline terraform-pipeline Public

    A reusable pipeline library to apply terraform configuration serially across multiple environments, using Jenkins and a Jenkinsfile.

    Groovy 64 55

  2. manheim-c7n-tools manheim-c7n-tools Public

    Manheim's Cloud Custodian (c7n) wrapper package, policy generator, runner, and supporting tools.

    Python 46 25

  3. awssume awssume Public

    rubygem for running a command with AWS AssumeRole credentials

    Ruby 24 11

  4. tf_efs_mount tf_efs_mount Public

    Terraform module that provides an EFS file system, mount targets and security groups.

    HCL 18 13

  5. cf_deployer cf_deployer Public

    Ruby Gem that makes deploying Cloud Formation based applications to AWS easy.

    Ruby 17 21

  6. metalsmith-jquery metalsmith-jquery Public

    A Metalsmith plugin to manipulate HTML via jQuery syntax

    JavaScript 13 5


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