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About this

This repository is part of the ManiaCDN project, a free CDN for and by the Maniaplanet community. It's the central website to upload and browse data on the network. You can use it on

Technology used

  • PHP 7.2
  • Symfony 4.3
  • Bootstrap 3 + Glyphicons
  • Dropzone.js uploader
  • Symfony bundles:
    • Oneup uploader bundle
    • Knpu OAuth2 client


You can open up an issue here on Github or send us an email to info [at] maniacdn [dot] net. If you would like to run the site yourselves, continue here: Clone the repo with git (or get the zip on the top-right)

$ git clone

Change into the directory that was just created by cloning/unpacking

$ cd uploader

And tell composer to get the libraries (vendor folder) for you

$ composer install

If the .env file does not exist yet, create a copy yourself from .env.dist and do the settings.

Finally run the database migrations to set it up / update it. The database should be empty.

$ bin/console doctrine:migrations:migrate 

That's it already. Now you're ready to start the development server of Symfony:

$ bin/console server:run

Keep the terminal / commandline open. You'll find the sample on http://localhost:8000/

Going on

For people familiar with Symfony, things should go pretty straightforward. I have tried to comply with Symfony Best Practices as much as possible, so you should find all files where you'd expect them. You might also delete the pre-existing Migrations in src/Migrations, if doctrine throws strange errors while executing the migration.


The new Uploader v2 for ManiaCDN written in PHP with Symfony 4!




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