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@kremsy kremsy released this May 21, 2017 · 77 commits to master since this release

You can update Ingame to this version by simply using the //coreupdate command as soon as you are on the newest dedicated.

Notices for Plugin Authors
If you don't have your plugin Updated it will not crash any ManiaControl but it could be that the Plugin will get Automatically deactivated in case of an Error.

Please check the following things updating your Plugins

  • Update deprecated Methods (check if some public access on ManiaControl classes are still in)
  • fix z-indexes in ManiaLinks (ManiaLink v3)
  • use the new Callbacks (New Callbacks are the Callbacks in the Callbacks class starting with MP_ TM_ and SM_
  • PluginFile names MUST now match their class names

If you have PluginFiles that not Match the ClassNames you need to:

  1. Rename the File to the ClassName
  2. Create a self destroying php file, just containing
    <?php unlink(__FILE__);

Changelog v0.220:
-Reworked Dedimania Plugin - the Plugin works now and has proper Connection to Dedimania Thanks a lot to @Bueddl of "" for this!
-Local Records Plugin has a new designed Widget, showing your Record and places in front and behind you
-Local Records Plugin captures now Lap Records
-Trackmania Plugin for Rounds and Cup (commands for setting point distribution, endround and other stuff)
-Extremly performance improvements, Trackmania Servers with 200 Players can be handled fine with ManiaControl now
-MX List only show Maps of the Trackmania Environment where its played on
-Severall Bug fixes


  • Changelog will follow

Changelog v0.208:

Follow soon!

Changelog v0.205:

  • Various Bug Fixes
  • Stability Improvements
  • Reorder Admin Menu Items
  • Fixed Wrong Namespace
  • some phpunit tests

Changelog v203:

  • Various Bug Fixes
  • Updated and Added All new Script Callbacks and Methods (also for Trackmania)
  • Moved and Changed Namespace of the BaseStructure
  • Removed some MP3 Callbacks
  • Updated the Pause / WarmUp System (new Methods in ScriptManager: isScriptMode / modeUsesPause / modeIsTeamMode
  • Removed Deprecates from Server Class
  • Added Map Search Feature to Maplist
  • Fixed some z values
  • Added Admin and Player Helpall Icon in the Admin/Player Tooltip
  • Updated some PHPDocs
  • Improved new Labelline

Changelog v201:

  • Changed minDedicated Version to a MP4 version, old dedicates can not update to this version (error will be shown)
  • Stability Improvements
  • Full Support for the new LibXmlRpc Callbacks (Added Structure Classes for Each Callback + new Names for Callbacks)
  • Added new ModeScriptEventManager class, this class defines all ModeScriptEvents
  • Full Update to ManiaLink v3 (including FML update)
  • Added UsageInformationAble Interface, almost every class (at least all classes which can be used by Plugin Authors have a ->getUsageInformation() method which provides the class name and a List of the Methods (will be extended in the future)
  • Added UsageInformation Trait (class which defines the new Method)
  • various small design fixes
  • updated all internal HTTP requests to the new AsyncHttpRequest Structure
  • new Version of the labelline, easy to use now and highly adjustable
  • added min and max version for Plugin (it can be set on MC website, MC will throw an error on installation)
  • added sendToServerAfterMatchEnd to the ManiaPlanet API
  • Moved ScriptManager from Server to new Folder Script
  • Deprecated old Callbacks (will be removed later)
  • Improved Error Handler (All Errors in Plugins will make the Errors deaktivate and Restart ManiaControl (Except Dev mode is on)
  • Removed Deprecates in ManiaControl class (like commandManager, use now getCommandManager() )
  • Fixed Wrong Link on Installing a Plugin
  • Updated Documentation
  • Added ManiaExchange MP4 Private Key Setting and Filter
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