BiblioPixel Paths

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A BiblioPixel path identifies a Python library used in a BiblioPixel project, and comes in one of two types:

  • A file path is a path to a file directory that contains the library. This works just like PYTHONPATH.

  • A gitty path is the address of a library that is located on a public Git repository. This feature uses the gitty library to dynamically load Python libraries from public repositories.

Examples of gitty paths


In general, a gitty path looks like:


where the branch and commit-id components are optional.


When you use a gitty path, you are running Python code from some public Git repository on your machine. If the person or organization who owns that Git repo is malicious, they could run any code they pleased on your computer. Only use gitty paths to refer to sources that you completely and 100% trust.

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