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class bibliopixel.drivers.hue.Hue

Hue is for controlling devices in the Philips Hue product line. It requires the phue python package which can be installed by running "pip install phue". The utility of this driver is fairly limited compared to most as the Hue lights were not designed to be updated quickly. High frame-rate animations are just about impossible, but Hue is still useful for those that want to directly program their lights.


(num, ip, nameMap = None):

  • num - Number of pixels to be controlled.
  • ip - IP address of the Hue bridge. See this tutorial for more on how to find the IP.
  • nameMap - An optional list of names that correspond to the set names of each light device. Useful for setting the order of the lights within the "display". By default, Hue uses whatever order is returned from the Hue bridge.



  • time - Float value representing the number of seconds over which to transition from one color to the next when setting a device's color.

Hue defaults to a transition time of 0, where all changes happen instantly. By setting this to a greater value, the lights will take care of automatically fading from one color to the next.

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