Image Module

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Module image

The image module provides tools for displaying images on a matrix and therefore is only useful with Matrix instances. This module requires that Pillow (a fork of PIL; Python Imaging Library) be installed. If not already installed, the easiest way to obtain Pillow is through pip:

pip install pillow


(led, image_path = "", image_obj = None, offset = (0,0), bgcolor = colors.Off, brightness = 255)

  • led - An Matrix instance
  • image_path - A full or relative path to the image to load (PNG, JPEG, or BMP).
  • image_obj - A pre-loaded Pillow Image instance.
  • offset - Placement offset of the top-left corner of the image, in (x,y) coordinate tuple.
  • bgcolor - Background color to use for pixels with transparency. Useful if image must be blended against non-black background or if image contains black (off) pixels.
  • brightness - Amount to scale image brightness by (0-255)

show_image() will load a static image and display it on the matrix. To decrease load time, the imageObj parameter can be use to pre-load the image into memory before displaying it. All pixels beyond the bounds of the matrix will simply be discarded. No class is needed and it can be called directly, as follows:

import bibliopixel.image as image
image.showImage(led, "test.png", bgcolor = (64, 64, 64))
#displays test.png with background of 25% white


(led, imagePath = "", imageObj = None, offset = (0,0), bgcolor = colors.Off, brightness = 255)

loadImage is nearly identical to showImage - all input parameters are identical - except that it returns an image buffer as a 2D list of color tuples instead of writing it directly to the display. An Matrix instance is still passed in so that it can gather details about the display size and process the image accordingly. Mainly intended for use with setTexture().

Class ImageAnim

ImageAnim has been moved to the BiblioPixelAnimations repo

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