Using BiblioPixel

Tom Swirly edited this page Mar 22, 2018 · 4 revisions

There was only one way to use BiblioPixel before 3.0: you wrote a Python program which created a Device, an LED (now called a Layout) and one or more Animations and then run those animations.

BiblioPixel 3.0 introduces Projects, which do the same thing in data, so you can run BiblioPixel without ever writing Python programs.

A Project is just a JSON file with three main parts: driver, layout, and animation.

Writing your own programs is still completely supported, and your existing BiblioPixel programs from before 3.0 will run with at worst tiny changes but perhaps none at all. However, we believe it should also be very easy to port your working project into a Project, and you get a lot of really useful features, like dynamic loading of other people's libraries right from github and gitlab - please email us at for help.

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