bibliopixel CLI

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The bibliopixel command line program.

The program bibliopixel is the command line front end to BiblioPixel, the LED control system.

You can use bibliopixel to run demos or your own projects, to set and get defaults for projects, or to discover hardware devices attached to your computer.

Basic usage of bibliopixel.

The bibliopixel program is installed automatically when the BiblioPixel system is installed and can be executed from the command line by typing bibliopixel <command> and hitting return.

The possible commands at this writing are all_pixel, devices, demo, help, and run and they fit into four categories:

  • Project: bibliopixel run runs BiblioPixel projects.

  • Demo: bibliopixel demo runs premade demos in your browser.

  • Hardware: bibliopixel all_pixel and bibliopixel devices discover and list devices.

  • Help: bibliopixel help gives detailed instructions for each command.

You can load Python libraries dynamically from disk or public git repositories - see BiblioPixel Paths for more information.

Command line flags for bibliopixel

All the flags for the bibliopixel command have to come at the end of the command line - like this:

 bibliopixel demo  bloom --loglevel=info --numpy --verbose

Common flags for all commands:

-h, --help            show this help message and exit
--loglevel {debug,info,warning,error,critical}
                      Set what level of events to log. Higher log
                      levels print less.
--path PATH           A list of directories, separated by colons,
                      'which are added to the end of `sys.path`. You
                      can also use gitty-style paths which start with
                      `//git/` to dynamically load a library from a
                      public git repository. See
                      /BiblioPixel-Paths for more information.

Flags for run and demo commands.

-d DRIVER, --driver DRIVER
                      Default driver type if no driver is specified
-l LAYOUT, --layout LAYOUT     
                      Default LAYOUT class if no LAYOUT is specified
-t LEDTYPE, --ledtype LEDTYPE
                      Default LED type if no LED type is specified
                      Default animation type if no animation is

Flags for the run command only.

-j, --json            Enter JSON directly as a command line argument.

Flags for the demo command only.

--width WIDTH         X dimension of display
--height HEIGHT       Y dimension of display
--depth DEPTH         Z dimension of display. Only used for Cube
--simpixel SIMPIXEL   URL for SimPixel program.

Flags for the all_pixel and devices commands.

--hardware-id HARDWARE_ID
                      USB Vendor ID : Product ID of device. Defaults
                      to VID:PID for AllPixel
--baud BAUD           Serial baud rate.
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