Adds BiblioPixel support for the NeoSegment:
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Adds BiblioPixel support for the NeoSegment:

Installation: pip install BiblioPixelNeoSegment


Import the NeoSegment layout which is used like other BiblioPixel layouts.

from NeoSegment import NeoSegment

If creating an animation for NeoSegment you can use BaseNeoSegmentAnim:

from NeoSegment import BaseNeoSegmentAnim

class NeoSegAnimation(BaseNeoSegmentAnim):
    def __init__(self, layout):

    def step(self, amt=1):
        # your animation code here

Two demo animations are included: from NeoSegment.demo_anims import RGBClock, ScrollText

These are used as examples in

NeoSegment class


Constructor has all of the same options as the strip layout.

set(pixel, color)

For setting specific individual segments of each digit. Each digit has 7 segments which are arranged as such:

4   6
0   2

pixel is the index of the segment you want to set and color is a standard BiblioPixel color tuple (r, g, b). You can of course use the bibliopixel.colors module.

For digits after the first the index of each segment is seg_index + (7 * digit_index)

set_char(c, color, off_color=colors.Off, index=0)

Sets a specific digit to the given character c. This is used by set_text.

  • c: Single character to set to given digit. Alphanumeric and and ![]- are allowed.
  • color: A single BiblioPixel color tuple or list of colors. If a list, 7 must be provided and each will be used for the same segment index. In this way each segment can be a different color.
  • off_color: Color tuple to use for segments that are unset in the digit. Defaults to Off.
  • index: Index of digit in chain to set. Indices are left to right on the NeoSegment chain.

set_text(text, color, off_color=colors.Off, index=0)

Writes a string to the display.

  • text: String to write to display. Invalid characters will result in a blank digit.
  • color: A single BiblioPixel color tuple or list of colors or list of lists of colors. If a list, each digit will be the color at the same index in the list. Provide a list of lists to specify the color of each individual segment of each digit.
  • off_color: Same as set_text
  • index: Index of digit to start string.