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The Engravinator is an Open Hardware laser engraver platform, designed to be robust and easy to build. It uses a combination of aluminum extrusions, commodity parts easily sourced from the 3D printer world, and 3D printed parts.

Unlike most laser engravers, however, it is designed to be brought to the work piece, not the other way around. It's compact and lightweight frame allows it to easily be rested, or even clamped, onto nearly any item you want to engrave.

Its existence is two-fold: To be both a fully functional laser engraver platform as designed and to be a highly flexible reference platform for other open designs.

For full details go to

Mk1 Specs

  • 130mm x 130mm working area
  • 345mm x 305mm x 245mm (W x D x H) overall size
  • Under 4kg total weight at full spec
  • Supports common PWM diode laser modules with a 16mm x 40mm M3 mounting pattern
  • Up to 10,000 mm/min on X and 6,000 mm/min on Y travel speed
  • 10 micron resolution (using 1/16 micro-stepping)
  • 8mm linear rods and bearings on both axis
  • Rigid 2020 aluminum extrusion frame
  • Optional (but recommended!) full enclosure for maximum eye safety

Design & License

As with all things from Maniacal Labs, the Engravinator is open hardware and is licensed under the CERN Open Hardware License.

You can find a complete Fusion 360 archive which contains the full design and all design history.

The Fabrication directory contains a full set of exported files for everything you need to build the machine. For 3D Printed components we provide both STL files for printing and STEP files in case you would like to make modifications to a single model outside of the complete design, or in a different CAD tool.

Mandatory Safety & Legal Warning

Lasers are dangerous! Seriously, we cannot stress enough that any laser, even low power lasers, if used improperly, can cause severe damage or injury. Use common sense and always use proper safety equipment.


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