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If you require support, please post to the Maniacal Labs Google Group.

Maniacal Labs PiPixel

The PiPixel provides simplified hookup of digital LED strips to the Raspberry Pi family of single board computers. It uses the standard Pi "HAT" form-factor to provide two easy power input options, and data output of the SPI port as well as GPIO 18 and 13 (used for WS2812), along with built-in voltage level shifting to keep your LED strips happy being connected to the 3.3V Pi. No longer will you have a rats-nest of wires and power between your Pi and your LEDs. Slap on the PiPixel, connect power, connect LEDs, and go!

PiPixel Assembly & Usage

What's In The Bag

Your PiPixel is a user assembled kit which only requires basic soldering skills and comes with the following components:

  • PiPixel PCB
  • Female 2x20 Header for connection to Pi
  • 2.1 / 5.5 mm barrel jack for power input option #1
  • 5mm pitch dual screw terminal for power input option #2
  • 74AHCT125 Level Shifter
  • 4 pin screw terminal for data/power output
  • 2x3 pin header and jumper for data line selection

Where To Get Optional Headers

We ship the PiPixel with a standard 2x20 Female header as that's what most users are likely to use. But it supports a few other options which we don't currently provide. See the list below for links of where to buy those, should you need them.


Check out the full Assembly doc


For all the details on using your PiPixel, check out the Usage doc