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The PiPixel is a simple kit with minimal parts and only requires basic soldering skills. You can either follow along with the instructions in this document or follow the build process in the video below:
[![PiPixel Assembly & Usage](](
[![PiPixel Assembly & Usage](](
#### Kit Contents
![Kit Parts](img/2.jpg)
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The PiPixel provides simplified hookup of digital LED strips to the Raspberry Pi family of single board computers. It uses the standard Pi "HAT" form-factor to provide two easy power input options, and data output of the SPI port as well as GPIO 18 and 13 (used for WS2812), along with built-in voltage level shifting to keep your LED strips happy being connected to the 3.3V Pi.
[![PiPixel Assembly & Usage](](
[![PiPixel Assembly & Usage](](
# What's In The Bag
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ As of writing this, the PiPixel is supported on the Pi A+, B+, 2, 3, Zero, and Z
Also be sure to checkout the PiPixel Assembly and Usage video:
[![PiPixel Assembly & Usage](](
[![PiPixel Assembly & Usage](](
### Power

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