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#! /usr/bin/env python
import inspect
from bibliopixel import *
from bibliopixel.animation import *
import pixelweb.loader as loader
from pixelweb.util import d
# import config
import os, sys
import json
def animationPredicate(obj):
if not inspect.isclass(obj): return False
return issubclass(obj, BaseAnimation)
def loadClasses(mod):
results = []
for name, obj in inspect.getmembers(mod, predicate=animationPredicate):
if obj.__module__ == mod.__name__:
results.append(d({"name":name, "cls":obj}))
return results
def loadParams(cls):
spec = inspect.getargspec(cls.__init__)
args = list(reversed(spec.args))
defaults = spec.defaults
if not defaults: defaults = []
defaults = list(reversed(list(defaults)))
result = []
count = 0
for a in args:
if a not in ["self", "led"]:
d = None
dtype = ""
if count < len(defaults):
d = defaults[count]
if type(d) is int:
dtype = "int"
elif type(d) is bool:
dtype = "bool"
elif type(d) is str:
dtype = "str"
elif (type(d) is list or type(d) is tuple) and len(d) == 3:
dtype = "color"
i = {
"id": a,
"label": "",
"type": dtype,
"default": d,
count += 1
result = result[::-1]
return result
def getControllerType(cls):
if issubclass(cls, BaseMatrixAnim): return "matrix"
if issubclass(cls, BaseStripAnim): return "strip"
if issubclass(cls, BaseCircleAnim): return "circle"
return ""
if __name__ == "__main__":
if len(sys.argv) < 2:
print "Must supply a file to process!"
files = sys.argv[1:]
cwd = os.getcwdu()
for f in files:
if not os.path.isabs(f):
f = os.path.join(cwd, f)
if not os.path.exists(f):
print "File does not exist! - {}".format(f)
print "Loading: {}".format(f)
mod = loader.load_module(f)[1]
if hasattr(mod, "MANIFEST"):
print "Module already contains manifest. Skipping..."
results = []
clist = loadClasses(mod)
for c in clist:
params = loadParams(c.cls)
manifest = {
"class": "##" +,
"type": "animation",
"desc": None,
"controller": getControllerType(c.cls),
"params": params
if len(results) > 0:
manifest = json.dumps(results, indent=4, sort_keys=True)
for c in clist:
manifest = manifest.replace('"##' + + '"',
manifest = manifest.replace(": null", ": None")
manifest = manifest.replace(": false", ": False")
manifest = manifest.replace(": true", ": True")
manifest = "\n\n\nMANIFEST = " + manifest
with open(f, "a") as fp:
print "Writing manifest..."
print "No valid animations to parse..."
print "\nComplete! Please fill in the rest of the manifest manually."