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A WebGL LED visualizer.


Unless you want to develop for SimPixel, it couldn't be easier! Just visit and enter your local SimPixel Server address and port. In most cases, the default value will be fine assuming you are running your SimPixel server on the same machine (hint: you should!).

SimPixel has a simple protocol and can be used by nearly any data source. However, it's recommended that you use BiblioPixel and the built in SimPixel driver.

Running from Source and Development

If you just want to run with the latest development code, the easiest way is to launch, there's nothing to download or install!

However, if you would like to launch from local source code, there are two basic options.


cd <SimPixel>/src/
python3 -m http.server 3000

Then load http://localhost:3000/ in your browser.


If you need a full development environment however, you must have an up to date version of Node.js installed and use the following process.


cd <SimPixel>
npm install

Start Development Environment with BrowserSync

cd <SimPixel>
npm start

BrowserSync will automatically launch http://localhost:3000/ and reload your browser when files change. No more manual refreshing! You can open the visualizer in multiple browsers and they will all be refreshed together. Clicks will also be synchronized so you can test in several browsers at the same time.


npm run build

This will run the source code through babel (converting modern JS into more widely-supported JS), and place the output into the dist directory. Copy the contents of dist to your favorite web server.