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##The 40 Year Old Game - Play Now

This is a game based on the 40 Year Old Boy Podcast hosted by comedian Mike Schmidt. It is built on the ImapctJS engine to run natively in HTML5.

###Build Instructions Since this is built on ImpactJS, you need to own an ImpactJS license ( and download the core libraries and tools to be able to build the game yourself.

After you've done so, run one of the build scripts from the top level of the directory tree. It will place a built version of the game's javascript in the "built" folder, along with the current media files. Unfortunately, the index.html needs to be edited to be changed from loading the main game file and the core impact libraries to simply loading game.min.js, so you'll need to edit and copy it over by hand (or use the index.html already in the "built" directory).

####Build Scripts The build scripts are,, and All three require the ImpactJS build tools, available after purchasing a license. requires and its API to be online, but gives the smallest output file. requires Node.js and UglifyJS2 to be installed, and gives a decently small output file. doesn't require anything except the aforementioned ImpactJS build tools, and gives the largest output file.

###Assets All assets that are used by the game are included in the media repo, but the project files for these assets, as well as unused assets, can be found in the workshop.

###Licensing This project is licensed under the Affero General Public License (AGPL). This license only applies to the project files in the repo that includes this README. The submodules do not contain code that is licensed under the AGPL, and their licenses should be reviewed if you decide to modify the project.

###Copyright All code is copyrighted but can be licensed under the AGPL. All media files and other IP are property of their respective owners, most notably Mike Schmidt.