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	Code is being optimized. needs work reducing the number of global
	variables and unrolling short loops. help is needed on PID, please
	familiarize yourselves with the library. A list of PID fuctions is
	in the notes file. Movement is a new file that will govern all
	movement functions. A lot of tweaking has to be done to the
	variables, making sure static variables are only declared if they
	are not needed in another file and making sure all global variables 
	that can be made not-global are made not-global. thanks all! 
	- Andrew

Other Notes:
	- Remember to keep the code in a folder titled "mMouse", else
	Arduino will be all like "hay i needz a folder i dunno which of teh
	filez is teh main one, i make new folder, k? k."... 
	- If something you change makes a liar out of any of the following
	descriptions, please make an effort to update this README.

gitignore - Allows git to ignore the pde files necessary for functionality
	    on primitve Mac OSX versions for certain people using certain
	    primitve Mac OSX versions.

mMouse.ino - What am I? Where do I start?
	Calibrates the mouse, takes and updates sensor readings, and
	executes basic movement. (someone please  fill in what this
	actually does)
			stepForward() - runs both motors to move straight
					while correcting its path
			turnLeft() - turns the robot counterclockwise 90
			turnRight() - turns the robot clockwise 90 degrees

Mapping.ino - Where am I? Where should I go next?
	Determines the current position and status of adjacent cells, then
	determines where to go next using a flood fill algorithm.
			getMinPosition() - searches the sides array and returns
				the index of the miminum value. This position
				will equal the direction of the lowest numbered
				open adjacent cell
			getSidesMin() - searches the sides array and
				returns the minimum value.
			shiftClockwise(initPosition, numOfTimes) - returns the
				direction (numOfTimes * 90degrees) clockwise of
				the init position
			getValueFrom(facing) - gets the value of the cell
				to the north, east, south, or west of the
			faceLowest() - turns towards the lowest number
				square. The square which the robot 
				currently came from has lower priority in a
				tie. If three cells all have the same number,
				the leftmost cell that is not the one the robot
				came from has priorty.
			update() - rewrites the map if necessary. If the number
				of the current square is rewritten to be 1 +
				the minimum number of the available adjacent
				squares. A square is available if there is no
				wall between the robot and it. precondition -
				used immediately after stepping, before

Movement.ino - How fast am I going? How fast should I go? 
	The beginning of the implementation of the PID library. Will govern
	all movement, thus rendering SpeedControl.ino obsolete. 
			turnLeft() - turns the robot counterclockwise
				clockwise 90 degrees
			turnRight() - turns the robot clockwise 90 degrees
			stepForward() - runs both motors to move straight
				while correcting its path

SpeedControl.ino - How fast am I going? How fast should I go? 
	Finds and updates the speed of each motor, determines how fast each
	motor should move to maintain heading.(and to keep from wiggling
			incrLeftSteps() - increments leftWheelSteps. To be used
				with interrupt
			incrRightSteps() - increments rightWheelSteps. To be
				used with interrupt
			getLeftVelocity() - returns the left wheel's velocity
			getRightVelocity() - returns the right wheel's velocity
			getAngularDisplacement() - returns the angular

Notes.ino - Commented PID library 
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