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Python package

Yes, this is matplotlib

High level API for pointprocesses as a Python library.

This is a work in progress, much of the core library's functionality hasn't been ported yet and panics are not handled well.


This will install the setuptools-rust package to use the convenient PyO3 bindings inside setuptools, if you don't already have it.

python install

On macOS, you might need to add the following to ~/.cargo/config, as per PyO3's README:

rustflags = [
  "-C", "link-arg=-undefined",
  "-C", "link-arg=dynamic_lookup",

Check it works by importing it inside a Python terminal, outside of this directory, else Python will import the local pointprocesses module which isn't loaded with the library.

import numpy as np
import pointprocesses as pp

There are working examples in the pylib/examples/ directory.

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