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Aventyr is an app that helps the travelers or adventurers find inspiration from other people's card. The cards here are experiences other travelers create and provide information on the destinations. In many ways its Pinterest meets instagram meets travel.

Heroku Link []



  • A Home and About Page that gives users information about top travel destinations and information about the website creators
  • A Destinations index Page that display all the travel cards
  • User can click on the each card to view information about it
  • Authorization and Authentication functionality, which will allow users to create new travel cards, rate cards from different users and delete their own cards

Stretch Goals:

  • Create a User Profile that will display User personal details and a gallery of User cards
  • Edit functionality to edit cards, when user is logged in Rating dashboard

Our users are adventurers who are looking for new travel ideas and suggestions.

Prerequisites: Users typically would be 18 years or older Should have Internet access

User Stories

User visits the website and sees the top destinations.

  • If the user is interested in traveling they click on the destinations on the nav bar to go to the index of all destinations.
  • On clicking on a destination card the show page is opened that shows the information about the destination in detail.
  • If the user wants to sign up he can sign up and create a profile.
  • If they have an account they can create a destination card and also delete the cards they’ve created.
  • The user logs out and is redirected to the homepage.


  • Informational Page (Home and About)
  • Login
  • Signup
  • Create
  • Delete
  • View all Destinations with their ratings and title
  • View details for each destination with the ability to rate if logged in
  • Logout

Sprint 1:

Brainstorming for website ideas Wireframing the website User stories Vetted out Model and their associations ERD diagram Laid out Sprint plan

Sprint 2:

  • Setting up the server
  • Testing Server functionality
  • Creating User model, controller and views and their routes
  • Testing User server side functionality
  • Creating Destination model, controller and views and their routes
  • Testing Destination server side functionality
  • Creating Card model, controller and views and their routes
  • Testing Card server side functionality
  • Deploy on Heroku

Sprint 3:

  • Seeding DB
  • Test the DB associations
  • Implementing Authentication functionality with Sessions
  • Testing Authentication
  • Research and implement image upload functionality with node
  • Create a Rating model and test it
  • MVC Rating

Sprint 4:

  • Research the rating functionality
  • Implement Rating
  • Jazz up the website using Materialize

Sprint 5:

  • Presentation
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