Example of usng Scene Kit on an iOS device & Apple Watch
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3D Burger WatchKit App
3D Burger WatchKit Extension
3D Burger.xcodeproj
3D Burger
Documentation More material editing Jul 20, 2017



This is an example of using Scene Kit to display 3D models on an iPhone and Apple Watch.

Wireframe burger

There is a art.scnassets folder which is included in the relevant targets in the Xcode project.

The scene files are referenced in the storyboards.

Note: the file folder needs to be included in the asset path.

E.g. "art.scnassets/burger.scn"

The 3D model were converted from blender projects → collada files (DAE) → SceneKit Scenes (SCN).

When converting the models some objects like lights were not converted & removed from the final SCN file. As well, as some other geometries were removed.

The 3D asset usage rights are creative commons.



Thanks to the creators of the 3D models.