a collection view using decoration views & custom supplementary views
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Create a customized collection view in the iOS SDK

I needed to work out how to create a collection view with certain customizations. On a project some time ago, the UI design required using decoration views. A decoration view is the view that gets displayed behind a section's' cells. I created this project as a reference if I needed to do it again 😀.

Apple link on creating custom layouts

Collection view

The collection view displays 2 different cell types. There are 4 sections in the scene to show the alternating decoration views.

Header view

There are 2 UI objects.

One is simply a text label.

The second is a text view. The header view height should adjust to fit the text view's content. TODO

Custom collection view cells

Custom cell 1

Display 2 objects

Custom cell 2

Display a label using attributed text. TODO

Decoration views

The first decoration view display an image & color

The second decoration view also displays an image & colo r.

A custom flow layout is required to use a decoration view.

Stack view scene

This is work in progress. My goal is use some stack views in a view controller scene.

The cat images were sourced from http://www.placekitten.com