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This is the 5th assignment in the Udacity Virtual Reality Nano-degree program (at this time March 2017).


The GVR SDK is is not included with the source code. It can be downloaded from here:

To build the project, you need to import the custom package into Unity. More information is available here:

The subject I chose was architecture in a very broad sense; the use of software in architecture is nothing new but with VR things can be taken to a different level of immersive-ness.

There are two scenes in the project:

  • menu
  • main

In the main scene, there are 5 stations that can be interacted with by using gaze interaction & clicking on one of the 5 spinning metal boxes in the scene.


Note: the content is using placeholder images.

Station 1

Vr can be used in many aspects of architecture; visualization is nothing new to software with VR; it can be taken to another level especially for non-architects

Station 2

Say someone is looking at buying a house; you can do interesting things with VR that allow quick visual perception like comparing two houses to each other. With VR, you can get a better sense of scale then just looking at a floor plan.

Station 3

Using VR, you can simulate how an area can change over time with planned developments. With lighting & weather conditions added, you can get a feel how an area would be impacted. by being in VR, you can get a more immersive sense of what the conditions would be like.

Station 4

VR is disrupting the architecture design industry. Quote "And architects, educators and students are beginning to spend a lot more time in this brave new world. Since admission can cost as little as lunch-money, this makes sense. At the low end, all that’s needed is a customized cardboard box – Google Cardboard is the popular choice – a smartphone and a downloaded app".

Station 5

VR can be used to simulate sunshine and at different times of the day

Additional Credits

Sound effects sourced from

Disclaimer: this is by no means a finished app suitable for publishing - ha ha. I am pleased with the result. There are many areas for improvement & tweaking.