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Collection of essential plugins for Emotion Creators
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Collection of essential plugins for Emotion Creators. They are still under heavy development and will most likely have bugs or missing features. To get the latest nightlies visit


  1. Install Bepinex 5 - BepInEx build for post-Unity 2018 game (x64) - Build 133
  2. Download the latest release of EC_CorePlugins
  3. Extract the plugin .zip file to your EmotionCreators folder

Plugin descriptions


Allows additional data to be saved to character, coordinate and scene cards. The cards are fully compatible with non-modded game, the additional data is lost in that case. This is used by sideloader and many other plugins to store used mod information.


Allows plugins to display on-screen messages.


Allows other plugins to intercept and modify assets as they are loaded. This is notibly used by sideloader for its core functionality.


Creates screenshots based on settings. Can create screenshots of much higher resolution than what the game is running at. It can make screen (F9 key) or character (F11 key) screenshots.


Loads mods packaged in .zip archives from the Mods directory without modifying the game files at all. You don't unzip them, just drag and drop to Mods folder in the game root.

It prevents mods from colliding with each other (i.e. 2 mods have same item IDs and can't coexist; sideloader automatically assigns correct IDs). It also makes it easy to disable/remove mods with no lasting effects on your game install (just remove the .zip, no game files are changed at any point).

More information and tutorial on sideloader-compatible mod creation.


Allows user to set values outside of the standard 0-100 range on all sliders in the editor. Type a value to unlock.

Plugin descriptions - Fixes

Culture Fix

Override the system's current language settings to prevent errors.

Download Renamer

Maps, scenes, poses, and characters downloaded in game will have their file names changed to match the ones used by the Illusion website.

Import Fixes

Fixes some errors that can occur when importing modded items on characters.

Maker FPS optimization

Improves FPS in character maker at the cost of slower switching between tabs. Automatically enables for low end PCs.


Unlock the limit of 50 nodes in a single scene file and allow unlimited amount nodes.

Null Checks

Additional error handling for problems caused by some modded clothing and hair items.


Fixes the shader selection menu going off-screen when there are many modded shaders installed. Adaptation of plugin

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