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Runtime Unity Editor / Debugging Tools

In-game inspector, editor and interactive console for applications made with Unity3D game engine. It's designed for debugging and modding Unity games, but can also be used as a universal trainer. Runs under BepInEx5 and UMM.


  • Works on most games made in Unity 4.x or newer that use the mono runtime (IL2CPP is not supported at the moment)
  • Minimal impact on the game - no GameObjects or Components are spawned (outside of the plugin component loaded by the mod loader) and no hooks are used (except if requested for profiler)
  • GameObject and component browser
  • Object inspector (allows modifying values of objects in real time) with clipboard
  • REPL C# console with autostart scripts
  • Simple Profiler
  • Object serialization/dumping
  • dnSpy integration (navigate to member in dnSpy)
  • Mouse inspect (find objects or UI elements by clicking with mouse)
  • Gizmos (Transform origin, Renderer bounds, Collider area, etc.)
  • All parts are integrated together (e.g. REPL console can access inspected object, inspector can focus objects on GameObject list, etc.)
  • Right click on most objects to bring up a context menu with more options
  • and many other...


How to use

RUE is available for different mod loaders in separate builds. They are largely the same, although BepInEx version is the most supported and has some extra features. If you don't already have to use a specific mod loader, BepInEx is recommended.


  1. Install BepInEx v4.x or v5.x if you don't have it already. You can download it here.
  2. Download the latest BepInEx build ( from the Releases page. Make sure to get the correct version for your BepInEx.
  3. Extract the BepInEx folder from the archive directly into your game directory (you should already have a BepInEx folder there from previous step). Replace files if asked.
  4. To turn on press the F12 key when in-game. A window should appear on top of the game. If it doesn't appear, check logs for errors.

Note: If the plugin fails to load under BepInEx 4 with a type load exception, move RuntimeUnityEditor.Core.dll to BepInEx/core folder.

Unity Mod Manager

  1. Install Unity Mod Manager if you don't have it already. You can download it here. Select your game from the the dropdown list and then click the Install button.
  2. Download the latest UMM build ( from the Releases page.
  3. Goto the Mods tab in Unity Mod Manager and drag the RuntimeUnityEditor zip file into the Unity Mod Manager GUI at the bottom where it says drop zip file here.
  4. To turn on press the F12 key when in-game. A window should appear on top of the game. If it doesn't appear, check logs for errors.

Known issues

  • If no text is visible anywhere in RUE windows, most likely the Arial.ttf font is missing from the system (Unity UI default font, may be different in some games). This can happen when running a game on Linux with misconfigured wine.
  • The C# REPL console is only available in a subset of games. This is because mcs (the current REPL backend) does not work with .NET Standard runtime used by default in more recent versions of Unity (because of missing features). There is no fix, the backend will have to be changed, possibly to Lua.
  • The wireframe toggle might not work in some games because of an incompatible rendering setup.

How to build

  1. Get Visual Studio 2019 (or later).
  2. Clone the repository recursively (git clone --recursive, VS 2022 can do it too).
  3. Open the solution in Visual Studio and hit Build All.


  • If you already have the repository cloned or want to update the mcs submodule you need to run git submodule update --init --recursive on your local repository (if you have VS 2022 you can do it from the source control tab).
  • An old version of UnityEngine.dll (pre-2017) is used for compatibility with all Unity versions 4.x and above, because the new UnityEngine.dll in 2017+ forwards all of the split types into their new respective dll files.

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