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Analytics Vidya - mini data hackathon held on 28-May-2016
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Problem Statement

SimpleBuy is a clothing company which runs operations in brick and mortar fashion. Be it parent, child, man, woman, they have wide range of products catering to the need to every individual. They aim to become one stop destination for all clothing desires. Their idea of offline and online channels is doing quite well. Their stock now runs out even faster than they could replenish it. Customers are no longer skeptical about their quality. Their offline stores help customer to physically check clothes before buying them, especially the expensive clothes. In addition, their delivery channels are known to achieve six sigma efficiency. However, SimpleBuy can only provide this experience, if they can manage the inventory well. Hence, they need to forecast the sales ahead of time. And this is where you will help them today. SimpleBuy has provided you with their Sales data for last 2 years and they want to you predict the sales for next 12 months.

Here are the details about the problem:

Train Data: 2007 and 2008 Test Data: 2009 Public Split: Jan'09 to Apr'09 Private Split: May'09 to Dec'09

The evaluation criteria for the problem is RMSE.


RandomForest model scored 10th position on the leaderboard during the competition, however post final review rank was pushed down to 107th position on public leaderboard.

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