A phonegap app to save your holiday schedule to for easy access when abroad.
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A simple holiday schedule app to consolidate all your holiday information into one place. Deployed as a native app which runs locally without eating up any of your mobile-data.


Recently I went on holiday and had a few bits of information to keep track of such as 2 flights, 4 train journeys and 3 hotel reservations. I thought this would be a great opportunity to make my first ever Angular app and deploy it as a native app using PhoneGap. The goal of this app was to make a super simple, light-weight app which works offline when abroad and I could deploy to each of ours phones. No paper!

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  • The app works off a single JSON file which you can easilly manage, without worrying about how the app itself works.
  • All your booking confimrations and tickets can be saved as images which can then be opended and zoomed into, all without internet. This works great for saving e-tickets with QR codes.
  • Anything can have a hyperlink which allows you to access third party sites such as your airline's website to show live status infrmation on your flight.
  • The app has access to your location which allows you to link off to Google Maps for getting directions to where you need to go. This was super usful on holiday!