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Version 0.6.?:
- Fixed problem where connections to trakt were closed before readin the responce
- Fixed syncing error that occured when a last played value was not a correctly formatted date
Version 0.6.4:
- Fixed broken syncing and scrobbling due to changes in xbmc json-rpc schema
Version 0.6.3:
- Repository hotfix
Version 0.6.2:
- Hotfix: bug that caused trakt connection reuse to throw and exception, this prevented tv show syncing
Version 0.6.1:
- Fixed (hopefully) major bug where Trakt Utilities prevented xbmc from closing, indefinatly, #91
- Fixed major bug where items that where already marked as seen where not added to the collection #90
- Fixed problems with changed json versions in xbmc #86 & #88
- Fixed misc bugs #63, #67, #69, #74, #75, #86, #87
- Added option to automatically clean the movie/tv collection on trakt
- Scrobbling seems stable now and Trakt Utilities can be used safely by itself
Version 0.6.0:
- Added experimental scrobbling abilities (disabled by default)
eventually this will mean you can run Trakt Utilities by itself
- Support for newer jsonrpc notifications
- Bugfix: "'NoneType' object is not iterable" error fixed by internal refactoring
- trakt login details checked at startup and settings shown if missing or incorrect
- Bugfix: rating dialog only appearing for items started after auto syncronisation compleated
- Option to change the required percent viewed for rating dialog to appear
- Instant syncronisation of changes to the 'watched' status in standard xmbc libraries
- Option to diable rating dialogs during playlists that contain more than one item
- Context menus for Movie and TV Show windows (eg watchlist, trending and recommended)
including options for rating and changing the watchlist status
- Added status tags to TV Shows in the relevent windows
- Rating dialogs now show the current rating status and allow unrating
Version 0.5.2:
- fixed several bugs (for more information see tickets #35 #39 #42 #43 #47 and #49 on git)
- switched from own simplejson to xbmc's simplejson:
- Skin Aeon-Nox is now integrated. (Thanks: Big Noid)
- Support for newer nighlties that require arbitrary resolution definitions
- Improved handling of responces from the trakt api
- Improved handling of timeouts when talking to trakt api
- Ability to rate whole TV shows from current rating dialog
Version 0.5.1:
- rating dialog that appears after watching items is now optional
- Can now rate whole tv shows after watching an episode
- Bugfix: inability to access trending movies
- Bugfix: items played via trakt utilities weren't added to the playlist correctly
- Bugfix: using trakt utilities to play a movie that is no longer in the library fails silently
- Better debug output during communication errors with trakt api
Version 0.5.0:
- rating dialog after watching a movie or tv episode
- Bugfix: no duplicates in movie lists after watching
- Bugfix: fixed an issue with setting tv show episodes as seen on xbmc
- local tag on movies added, that indicate local presence
- watchlist tag on movies added
- trakt utilities icon added
Version 0.4.2:
- Bugfix release: movies can now be played again
Version 0.4.1:
- switched from sqlite to httpapi-sql queries (support for external mysql servers)
- added menu for:
- watchlist tv shows
- trending tv shows
- recommended movies
- recommended tv shows
Version 0.4.0:
- movies can directly played from watchlist / trending window (othrayte)
- added menu for movies: watchlist / trending (manromen / othrayte)
- catching some more possible errors / added some debug output
- changed some get functions to push functions (for protected users) (othrayte))
- accessing watchlists for protected accounts (othrayte)
Version 0.3.1:
- Bugfix Update
Version 0.3.0:
- menu restructured
- you can show your watchlist now
- updated compatibility to new json rpc since nightly build April, 5. 2011
Version 0.2.2:
- some bugfixes
- added auto update movie / tvshow collection at startup
Version 0.2.1:
- small bugfix
Version 0.2.0:
- added auto sync seen movies / tv shows at startup
- added warning for clean collection
Version 0.1.6:
- fixed a KeyError
Version 0.1.5:
- added german language
- fixed a NameError
- fixed a Database path issue
Version 0.1.4:
- added update functionality
Version 0.1.3:
- some small fixes (some possible tcp timeouts etc.)
- correction of some spelling
- fixed an linux issue (extension usage in addon.xml)
Version 0.1.2:
- fixed some possible freeze
Version 0.1.1:
- fixed some possible KeyError's
- no need of API Key from user anymore
Version 0.1:
- Sync seen TVShows with Trakt
- Sync seen Movies with Trakt
- Update / Clean Movie Collection
- Update / Clean TVShow Collection
ToDo for future versions:
- option to ask for rating at movie finished
- option to ask for rating at tvshow episode finished
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