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License: GPL v3 Tests on manta Twitter Discord Forum Telegram Medium

Manta is the privacy layer for Web 3. Manta's goal is to protect Web 3 users' fundamental privacy from the first principle.

Disclaimer: The code currently hasn't been properly security audited (work in progress), use it at your own risk.

πŸ‘‰ Learn more about Manta Network.
πŸ‘‰ Check out our technical documentation.
πŸ‘‰ Get involved in Manta Community.


This is the mono-repo for Manta/Calamari nodes.

  • Manta: Manta's Polkadot parachain network
  • Calamari: Manta's canary network on Kusama
  • Dolphin: Manta's testnet

Build Manta/Calamari Node

  1. Setup environment
chmod u+x ./scripts/
  1. Build node binary in production setting
cargo b --profile production

Tips: The binary will be generated under target/production/manta. For less performance critical build, cargo build --release is recommended for faster build time.

  1. Run standalone dev chain, useful for local development
cargo run -- --chain=calamari-localdev --alice --tmp

Tip: The chain only produces blocks when you submit extrinsics

Semantic Versioning

Manta/Calamari's version number: v<x>.<y>.<z>


  • <x> is the major version, i.e. major product release.
  • <y> is the middle version, i.e. adding major features.
  • <z> is the minor version, i.e. performance improvement and bug fixes.


  • please submit your code through PR.
  • please run cargo +nightly fmt before pushing your code.

Minimum supported rust compiler

This project's MSRV is rustc 1.62