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Custom value transformer behavior #250

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Suppose I have a class with two properties:

@property (nonatomic, strong) NSArray *items;
@property (nonatomic, strong) NSString *listType;

where items is an array of objects that all have the same class.

Is it possible to create a JSON transformer for items that behaves along the lines of:

(NSValueTransformer*)itemsJSONTransformer {

    if([listType isEqualToString:kListTypeFoo]) {
        return [NSValueTransformer mtl_JSONArrayTransformerWithModelClass:[Foo class]]; 
    } else {
        return [NSValueTransformer mtl_JSONArrayTransformerWithModelClass:[Bar class]];


Wouldn't that depend on setting items and list in the correct order though? Not sure how many types of items there will be but what if you used a class cluster?

@interface XYList : NSObject

@property (readonly, nonatomic, copy) NSArray *items;


@interface XYFooList : XYList

@interface XYBarList : XYList

and then

@implementation XYList

#pragma mark - MTLJSONSerializing

+ (NSDictionary *)JSONKeyPathsByPropertyKey {
    return @{
        @"items": @"items"

+ (Class)classForParsingJSONDictionary:(NSDictionary *)dict {
    if ([dict[@"type"] isEqual:@"foo"]) return XYFooList.class;

    if ([dict[@"type"] isEqual:@"bar"]) return XYBarList.class;

    NSAssert(NO, @"Could not resolve class for %@", dict);
    return nil;


@implementation XYFooList

+ (NSValueTransformer *)itemsJSONTransformer {
  return [NSValueTransformer mtl_JSONArrayTransformerWithModelClass:XYFoo.class];


If you end up having a lot of types, doing this through meta-programming may make sense.


:+1: on a class cluster for solving this sort of problem.


Tentatively closing this one then, feel free to reopen if you have any further questions!

@robb robb closed this
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