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This sample test script is designed for testing the simulcast loopback page against medooze SFU.

Pre-requisite: Selenium Grid

To run this test you will need a Selenium Grid with the browsers to be tested. There is a sample Selenium grid under localgrid/ which can help you to get started.


A sample config file is provided at


Test Script

  1. Open URL
  2. Check the published video
  3. Check received video (looped back) video
  4. GetStats on all the peerConnection
  5. Take a screenshot

Optional Checks

  1. Simucast check: To enable/disable this check, set checkSimulcast in the config file to true/false. For each of the 9 layers (3 FPS x 3 reesolution): click the button to set the resolution (SL2, SL1, SL0) and click the button to set the FPS (TL2, TL1, TL0), then check the received video resolution: if the sent video is 1280x720, the received resolution is expected to be respectively: SL2: 1280x720 SL1: 640x360 SL0: 320x180

  2. Bitrate bug check:

There is a bug in Chrome when the bandwidth is limited where the lower bitrate exceeds the medium and/or high bitrate. To enable/disable this test, set bandwidthCheckDuration in the config file to a value > 0 (in seconds) or set it to 0 to disbale this check. This step will compare the bitrate values every second for bandwidthCheckDuration seconds of low, medium and high and increment two counters nbLowHigherThanMedium and nbMediumHigherThanHighwhenever low > medium or medium > high respectively.


Under the root directory:

mvn -DskipTests clean install 


Under the KITE-Simulcast-Test/ folder, execute:

java -Dkite.firefox.profile=../third_party/ -cp ../KITE-Engine/target/kite-jar-with-dependencies.jar;../KITE-Common/target/kite-common-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar;../KITE-Engine-IF/target/kite-if-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar;../KITE-Engine/target/kite-engine-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar;target/simulcast-test-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar org.webrtc.kite.Engine configs/local.simulcast.config.json

Test output

Each will generate allure report found in kite-allure-report/ folder. To run Allure:

allure serve kite-allure-reports
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