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SiDi128 board


  • FPGA Cyclone 10 LP 10CL120.
  • SDRAM 128Mb / 2x 64Mb dual memory.
  • QSPI allows data transfer high-speed communication between MCU > SD > FPGA.
  • Ethernet.
  • RTC.
  • Deltasigma and I2S PCM5102 chip.
  • Digital video output (HDMI).
  • VGA dac R2R 8bits.
  • Toslink optical audio output.
  • 2x DB9 Joystick ports, Port A Megadrive compatible pinout, Port B selectable Megadrive/Amiga compatible pinout.
  • 4x USB ports.
  • Audio In.
  • Expansion port 6x2 pins.

SiDi board


  • FPGA Cyclone 4 EP4CE22F17
  • SDRAM 32Mb/64Mb (two options).
  • MCU AT91SAM7S256.
  • VGA dac R2R 6bits.
  • 4x USB ports.
  • Audio In.

The SiDi board was designed to implement classic computers like the Amiga, Atari ST(E) or other computers using modern hardware. But it equally well supports arcade and consoles as NES, SNES, Master System, Genesis and many many more...

The SiDi board is a project derived from MiST FPGA, and many contents presented here are from the original MiST repository.

The SiDi board is not about emulation, it's about the re-implementation of the original hardware itself in so-called FPGAs.


You can purchase a SiDi unit on ManuFerHi online store.

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