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CraftBeerPi V3.0

This is CraftBeerPi version 3.0. It's currently in beta status.

Introduction Video


Open a terminal window on Raspberry Pi and type:

git clone

This will download (clone) the software to your local Raspberry Pi.

Type cd craftbeerpi3 to navigate into the craftbeerpi folder.

Type sudo ./

Hardware Wiring

Here you will find a guide how to wire everything up.


CraftBeerPi 3.0 is a complete rewrite. Server as well as user interface. I recommend to use a second SD card for testing.

Docker-based development

For developing this application or its plugins on a PC/Mac you can use the docker-compose file:

$ docker-compose up
Starting craftbeerpi3_app_1 ... done
Attaching to craftbeerpi3_app_1
app_1  | [2018-08-13 12:54:44,264] ERROR in __init__: BUZZER not working
app_1  | (1) wsgi starting up on

The contents of this folder will be mounted to /usr/src/craftbeerpi3 and the server will be accesible on localhost:5000.


CraftBeerPi is a free & open source project. If you like to support the project I happy about a donation: