This project is the basis for a BedCon talk and should make it possible for the listener to build an own recommender.
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Facebook Demo Recommender based on Java EE 7 and Mahout

Copyright: Apaxo GmbH

This project is a demo of how you can use mahout to build a cool musician recommender for your friends. It includse everything what you need including a modern REST and a conservative SOAP interface. In the end a web application archive will be generated.

The presentation can be found here:

Here is how you get this working

The embedded glassfish jar will be about 81mb. So be a little bit patient until it is loaded.

git clone git://
cd facebook-recommender-demo
mvn install
mvn embedded-glassfish:run 

Open the following URL in your browser:


You will need the following requirements to get the application working:

If you need support

Feel free to contact us:

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