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Manuel Gil edited this page Oct 13, 2020 · 3 revisions

In 2015 the script version "ResetWUEng.cmd" was released as a support tool for troubleshooting problems with Windows Update.

Today 5 years later and with the end of support for the scripts gallery of Microsoft "TechNet Gallery" in June 2020, it is necessary to have a space to centralize the updated versions of the Reset Windows Update Tool.


A bit of context
There is still reality to contend with
Donation options

A bit of context

Month after month new updates are coming out for Microsoft's operating systems. However (and although it is not with the same frequency), it is necessary to make updates to this tool.

The updates that are carried out consume time and effort made most of the time by a single person.

For this reason, and because the time used to update is not very short, I have seen the need to ask for the help of the community to carry out some translation processes.

The work is a lot and I will continue working with the community to have a much more striking version in the future. At the moment I will keep the page available for downloading the updated versions.

There is still reality to contend with

In previous months we were affected by the fluctuation of the dollar and the increase in the costs of domain and hosting services.

Due to this, several migrations were made in search of a less expensive option. During these migration periods, there were multiple connection failures with the site.

At present we already have a stable service with which we hope to continue for several years.

In the same way, the donations received will be used to keep the service on the air for a long time.

Donation options


Any donation is greatly appreciated.