Getting started with the great Padrino framework for crafting web applications.
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This is an free eBook written in markdown. It describes how I developed an application in Padrino. Feel free to fork this project and to correct my (silly grammar) mistakes.

Current version

I'm using leanpub to generate the current status of this book. You can find the actual version here.

If you are interested in building this book on you local machine, you have to clone this repository on your local machine

git clone

And then run the rake task:

rake pdf

and you have the generated PDF version of this book on your local machine. You need to install Pandoc to run this command.

Repository of the job offer app

In this book I'm developing the job offer application. You can checkout the sources if you want to see the final result from this book.


Feature request, bugs, questions, etc. can be send to You can even fork this project, and as a reward, I will put you on the "Special thanks" section in this README and in the final version of the book.

If you like my work, you can let me know how much money you would spend for this book. And don't worry, this book will be free at anytime.

Special thanks

Love you guys and women, you motivated me:

  • @nesquena: Your tweets are encouraging my to keep up with this work and recommended this book for the community
  • @WaYdotNET: Make me aware of emacs and created first pull-request for this project
  • @emachnic: Improved the first chapter with useful hints.


This software is licensed under the MIT licence.

© 2011-2012 Matthias Günther