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A no frills, zero setup, web based, secure password storage

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This is the code behind, the ultra-simple yet secure online password store.

Architecture and stack is a web-based client/server application with a Python HTTP backend and a JavaScript frontend.

For the frontend, the application stack is jQuery Mobile and the Stanford Javascript Crypto Library, on the backend it's Pyramid, Nginx and PostgreSQL.


In order to setup and run the backend stack, you need a Unix-like system (e.g. Linux or Mac OS X), Python 3 (including the python3-dev package), PostgreSQL & libpq-env, virtualenv, and git. All other requirements will be pulled through setuptools. For development mode, you will also need sqlite3.

Setting up the development environment

On Debian 7 "Wheezy"

sudo apt-get install python3-dev python3-pip libpq-dev sqlite3
sudo pip-3.2 install virtualenv
cd ~
virtualenv-3.2 --no-site-packages
source bin/activate
git clone ./app
cd app
python develop
alembic -c development.ini upgrade head
python test
pserve development.ini --reload

You can now open the web application at http://localhost:6543/static/webapp/

Setting up a production system

Please see

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