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2004licious theme for Shaarli

This Shaarli theme is a humble homage to the early looks of the site.

Created by Joshua Schachter, is one of the monuments of early Web 2.0 socially-oriented platforms. It now looks and works differently than it used to, after having changed hands several times. The original layout, with its naked but smart HTML look, is a fond memory of the earlier web days. Both of us were early users of the service, and used it during our college days and beyond to make sense of our web pathways.

Julien Deswaef mentioned that the current version of Delicious is injecting ads into Delicious RSS feeds, and gave the great advice to run Shaarli instead. After Julien's prodding about creating a theme inspired by Delicious, we made the most out of a slow Sunday and tried our hand at creating a Shaarli theme -- we attempted to emulate the 2004 look instead.

Authorship and development is shared with Julien Deswaef, who has been active improving the theme and making it work with recent versions of Shaarli.


Index page

Add a link page


The master branch of this 2004licious theme works with the latest version of Shaarli (v0.9.2 at the time of this writing).

Just clone or download this repository into the tpl/ folder of your Shaaril installation then go in the Tools/Configure menu to activate this theme.

Enjoy and don't hesitate to report bugs or suggest changes.

What's not working yet

The current state of this theme is the humble result of a day-long hack. Only the link lists and the edit link pages have been tweaked; the CSS changes made some of the other pages (such as Settings) look pretty off.


Homage to an early web memory






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