Spanish Anime Player for 3DS in C++
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# Anim3DS

New version of RipEX, originally made by DARKXEX

You can watch anime with this. 

What does this have that the original doesn't?

- UI
- Background Music (Disabled for now cz of UX)
- You can search an anime by URL
- You can search an anime by name
- You can select an anime and select a previous episode
- You can save your watched animes and set favs.


- Install .cia
- Reboot your system
- Run Anim3DS

If first time the screen freezes in black with "Homebrew", just reboot and do it again. It's because it's creating stuff 


    - Smealum & Yellows8: Scene3DS and stuff, you know.
    - Bernardogiordano: PP2D
    - Sound Class: Cheuble  
    - Original RipEx: DARKXEX
    - AstronautLevel: Battery Stuff