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/* \mainpage Firmware Documentation

.__       ,    .     .
|  \* _ *-+- _.|_ . .|. .._ _
|__/|(_]| | (_][_)(_||(_|[ | )

Digitabulum is an inertial motion-capture glove designed to be modular and open.

What is in this repository:

./doc: Documentation related to this project, which can be built by running...

doxygen Doxyfile

./lib: External dependencies.

./src: Original (unless otherwise specified) source code for Digitabulum.

Building the device firmware

# Clone...
git clone https://github.com/Manuvr/Digitabulum-Firmware.git
cd Digitabulum-Firmware

# Download dependencies...

Specific build instructions and platform issues are located in the corresponding src/Targets directory.

Building the CPLD

Altera's software is required to build the CPLD. It is presently outside the scope of this document.

ATECC508a carve-up:

Slot Size Name Imparted At Use Attributes
0 36 Hardware Root Provisioning Validate hardware for support. Locked, Private, Signing capable, no user alteration, No pub key read-out.
1 36 API TLS key Provisioning Authenticate with public API. Locked, Private, Signing capable, no user alteration.
2 36 Firmware Assoc First boot Optional hardware auth for firmware use. Private, Signing capable.
3 36 User
4 36 User
5 36 User
6 36 User
7 36 User
8 416 BirthCertificate Provisioning Store HW info. No user alteration.
9 72 Manufacturer Pub Provisioning Key for manufacturer. Verify, no user alteration
10 72 Provisioner Pub Provisioning Provisioner that built slot 8. Verify, no user alteration
11 72 User
12 72 User
13 72 User
14 72 User
15 72 User

Because digits are interchangable, and the slot is barely large enough for it, IMU calibration data will be stored in the microcontroller-bound memory. If the application demands, the microcontroller firmware can optionally setup a trust relationship with the hardware to detect when it is connected to a different board.


Original code is Apache 2.0.

Code adapted from others' work inherits their license terms, which were preserved in the commentary where it applies.


The ASCII art in this file was generated by this most-excellent tool.