React Poll App for real time polling.
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React Poll App

This app was built to demonstrate the use case of React, React-Router, Socket.IO, Webpack, Yarn and Hot Reloading.

This app facilitates a polling app, where a speaker can ask any question and all of the attendees can vote for their answer. There is a separate board which keeps update itself to draw a pie chart based on the polls.

All this is happening in real time (thanks to Socket.IO and React's reactive nature).

There are currently 3 routes defined:

  1. /
  2. /board
  3. /audience

/ route is the default route which shows a joining form and some links to join as a presenter or to display the board.

/board route is where all the polls are actively monitored and rendered in the pie chart.

/audience route is where all the attendees can see the question and pick the one.

There is one more special route called * route. It matches to 404 Error.

Steps to install dependency and run

  1. Install yarn. You can also use npm as this is a standard package.json file project.
  2. Execute yarn.
  3. Execute npm start.