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MapBBCode MOD for phpBB 2

The purpose of writing MapBBCode library was to allow users at spb-projects forum to pinpoint roads and construction sites on a map. But since the main part of it is the user interface, the modification quickly grew into a javascript library with just a tiny modifications to phpBB source code.

That forum works on phpBB 2.0.21 with subRebel template and an attachments plugin, so obviously that is the target configuration. But the MOD was also tested on the latest phpBB 2 version, 2.0.23, and seemed to work.



Those steps are based on the official instructions.

  1. Unzip to $PHPBB/admin/mods.
  2. Open your forum, login as administrator and enter the Administration Panel
  3. Click "Install MODs" in the left tab (under "MOD Center" header) and enter your admin password for the third time.
  4. Look for "MapBBCode" mod and click "Process" next to it.
  5. Check that everything looks good, and click "Next Step", then "Complete Installation" a couple of times.
  6. Now you can check out the "MapBBCode" administration panel and add maps to forum posts.

No EasyMOD

  1. Unzip somewhere.
  2. Copy db_install.php to the forum root directory and open it in a browser. You'll have to login as administrator.
  3. Open install.mod with a text editor and follow every instruction precisely. There will be a lot of copying and pasting.
  4. Go to the forum and check that [map] bbcode works.

Add-ons and proprietary layers

To add an add-on or a proprietary layer, you would have to modify two files:

  • includes/mapbbcode_addons.php
  • includes/mapbbcode/mapbbcode-window.html

List of changes

New files are understandable: one stand-alone script for inserting configuration values into phpbb_config database table, two language files, a script and a template for administration panel, and a directory with the javascript library.

Here is why phpbb files are changed:

Location File What is changed
posting.php Adds translation string for "Map" button in posting form.
viewtopic.php A simple check for [map] tag presence in posts on a current page, loop in 8 lines.
privmsg.php 4 insertions for setting $mapbbcode_present flag: one for new PM form (editor), one for displaying a message (only if there's [map]), one for preview window, and a translation string for "Map" again.
includes bbcode.php Appends code to a second pass of parsing: adds random id to each [map], and then sets two variables for the bbcode template.
includes topic_review.php The same as for viewtopic.php: iterate over posts, and if [map] bbcode found, set $mapbbcode_present to TRUE. The difference is, it doesn't read all posts before printing the page header, so it adds an SQL query.
includes page_header.php Includes mapbbcode language files and assigns a lot of template variables for the javascript library. Of course, only if $mapbbcode_present is TRUE.
templates bbcode.tpl Appends a line <div id="{id}">{bbcode}</div><script>'{id}')</script>.
templates posting_body.tpl Adds map_help variable and a "Map" button.
templates overall_header.tpl Adds a block switch_enable_mapbbcode with all scripts, stylesheets, translation strings and initialization code.
templates simple_header.tpl The same, but without translations.


The phpBB 2 source code is filled with GPLv2 marks, and I've done a lot of copy-pasting in PHP code, so I guess it is GPLv2. But all javascript parts and the general idea of MapBBCode integration are under WTFPL: take it, use it, adapt to other forum engines, you don't even have to credit the author.


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