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MapBBCode Library Changelog

Versions are numbered "major.minor.patch", with the master branch being "major.minor-dev", a permanent RC for the next version. Bug fixes are backported to the stable branch; patch+1 version is tagged no earlier that a week from a previous release, but no later than a week after a last commit to its branch. This way you can safely updgrade to the latest patch version, though usually upgrading to the latest minor version should not be a big trouble.

All changes without author are by Ilya Zverev.

1.2.1-dev (master)


  • Editor window is always reopened on subsequent editorWindow calls, bringing it to the foreground.


1.2.0 (2013-12-25)

Notable Changes

  • Translations are now managed with Transifex, files were renamed to {en|ru|...}.js and {en|ru|...}.config.js. #22
  • LayerList.js is included in the distribution, now do not include mapbbcode-config.js if all you need is LayerList.
  • StaticLayerSwitcher plugin is now included in mapbbcode.js.
  • Bing layer is no longer included by default in mapbbcode-window.html.
  • L.FunctionButtons plugin has changed API, single L.FunctionButton is now obsolete.


  • Leaflet 0.7.1, Leaflet.draw 0.2.3. #28
  • "Delete last point" button when drawing a polyline/polygon. Leaflet.draw#242
  • Proprietary layers and LayerList.js were moved to src/layers (no changes in the distribution). #38
  • Leaflet controls and icons were moved to src/controls (no changes in distribution).
  • Proprietary layers can be added before LayerList is initialized.
  • isEmpty() and getBBCodeRegExp() methods in MapBBCodeProcessor.
  • Allow quotes as in [map="15,42.45,18.54"]. #45
  • shareTag option was moved from MapBBCodeUI to MapBBCodeProcessor, allowing for non-standard brackets around mapid. #42
  • Made editor close buttons always enabled in mapbbcode-window.html.
  • Map control creation and hooks calling were merged for show() and editor() methods.
  • Buttons for outer links are now regular links, without onclick handlers.
  • Added filter option to L.ExportButton to filter file types. #48
  • Added toggleObjects method to viewer's control object, now Handler.Toggle.js toggles data layer. #40
  • Added build date to files' header.
  • PopupIcon's background color can be specified.


  • Fixed loading Google scripts after window has finished loading.
  • MapBBCodeProcessor.getLeafletLayers() did not move proprietary layers down. #43
  • Added L parameter for createOpenStreetMapLayer(L), fixes occasional disappearance of OSM layer. #44
  • Style fixes and UTF-8 charset in mapbbcode-window.html.
  • Downloading shared maps now works without warnings in IE8/9. #8
  • Leaflet CSS was made stronger, now it overrides some of critical properties engines impose on elements. #52

1.1.2 (2013-11-29)


  • All "params" were renamed to handlers (somewhat breaking change, which should not affect users at the moment).
  • panelHook hook for handlers, refine handler API (no required methods left).
  • New control method: eachLayer, iterates over map objects.
  • Length measurement plugin (not included by default). #20
  • Custom name for layerList layers and multiple keys: "Custom Name|Layer ID:key1:key2".
  • Nokia and 2GIS proprietary layers, MapBox and Cloudmade layers. #30
  • Proprietary layers based on external API do not require adding those API explicitly. #31
  • Added "Edit" link near the OpenStreetMap attribution. #18
  • enforceOSM switch in StaticLayerSwitcher for enforcing the first layer to be OSM-based.
  • watchResize MapBBCodeUI option for tracking map container size.
  • objectToLayer and layerToObject methods of MapBBCode were made public.


  • Narrow popup icons don't block clicks to underlying objects (by @tyrasd).
  • Forgot to update a proprietary layer in mapbbcode-window.html.
  • It was possible to add a single proprietary layer in the configuration panel. #32
  • Expanding initially hidden map now works correctly. #33
  • Text on non-editable PopupIcon can be selected. #6
  • HTML entities in the configuration panel were replaced with hex codes for IE compatibility.
  • Window width in configuration panel sometimes stuck to 100%.
  • Some IE8 fixes.

1.1.1 (2013-11-16)


  • Updated OpenMapSurfer tile URLs.
  • Link to MapBBCode website in configuration panel.
  • Made LayerList and StaticLayerSwitcher not allow the first layer to be non-OpenStreetMap based one. #23
  • Added MapBBCodeProcessor.setOptions(options).
  • MapBBCodeProcessor's getCloseTagSubstring was renamed to getCloseTag, added some getOpenTag* methods.
  • For codes with objects and explicit zoom/pos, after editing zoom/pos are also explicitly specified.
  • Replaced four-space indentation with tabs, thus reducing source files by 16%.


  • Layers with no options property failed to be displayed.
  • Invoking show() without bbcode now shows an empty map instead of failing. #25
  • Fixed map="" HTML attribute processing for non-standard bbcodes.

1.1.0 (2013-11-13)

Notable changes

  • Moved all documentation to #19
  • Replaced Leaflet with MapBBCode in attribution.
  • New L.PermalinkAttribution Leaflet plugin that makes permalinks out of OSM attribution links (enabled by default). #17
  • Zooming with scroll wheel is enabled once a user clicks or pans a map. #21
  • Added proprietary layers: Google, Yandex. To include a proprietary layer into layerList, just include a script file. #16


  • Esri and Bing layers were moved to separate scripts for proprietary layers.
  • All options in MapBBCodeProcessor are now in options property.
  • Removed decimalDigits option from UI, configure MapBBCodeProcessor directly. #11
  • Brackets and opening tag style can be configured: <map z="12" ll="60.1,30.2"></map> is possible. #9
  • BBCode for show() can be split: <div id="id" map="=10,11,22">10.01,10.99(M)</div> (= is optional). For those engines that do not tolerate unprocessed bbcode.
  • Added OpenMapSurfer Contour layer (also as an example of adding an overlay layer).
  • panelHook for altering viewer and editor panels. Also editor property in control objects.
  • Background colors for function buttons.

Bug fixes

  • Semicolons in object titles are now parsed correctly. #10
  • Markers are now fit inside a map panel. #14
  • Polygon button missed a tooltip, and search tooltip was too technical.
  • Updated Leaflet.draw: tooltip doesn't hang in top left corner anymore. #210

1.0.0 (2013-10-31)

Initial release