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MapServer is a system for developing web-based GIS applications. The basic system consists of a CGI program that can be configured to respond to a variety of spatial requests like making maps, scalebars, and point, area and feature queries. Virtually all aspects of an application, from web interface to map appearance can be developed without any programming. For the more ambitious user, MapServer applications can be enhanced using Python, PHP, Java, JavaScript or many other web technologies. For more information and complete documentation please visit:

Bug reports and enhancement submissions can be reported in the MapServer issue tracker at the following url. If you do make changes and/or enhancements, please let us know so that they might be incorporated into future releases.

Join the MapServer user mailing list online at:


MapServer was originally written by Stephen Lime. Major funding for development of MapServer has been provided by NASA through cooperative argreements with the University of Minnesota, Department of Forest Resources.

PHP/MapScript developed by DM Solutions Group.

GDAL/OGR support and significant WMS support provided by DM Solutions Group which received funding support from Canadian Government's GeoConnections Program and the Canadian Forest Service.

Raster support developed by Pete Olson of the State of Minnesota, Land Management Information Center, and maintained by Frank Warmerdam (DM Solutions).

PostGIS spatial database support provided by Dave Blasby of Refractions Research.

PDF support developed by Jeff Spielberg and Jamie Wall of Market Insite Group, Inc.

OracleSpatial support developed by Rodrigo Cabral of CTTMAR/UNIVALI, Brazil.

Portions Copyright (c) 1998 State of Minnesota, Land Management Information Center.

Portions derived from Shapelib, Copyright 1995-1999 Frank Warmerdam.

Supporting packages are covered by their own copyrights.



Security policy


How to Contribute


Documentation Repository

Use the separate MapServer-documentation repository for filing documentation tickets and changes.