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MapServer Revision History
This is a human-readable revision history which will attempt to document
required changes for users to migrate from one version of MapServer to the
next. Developers are strongly encouraged to document their changes and
their impacts on the users here. (Please add the most recent changes to
the top of the list.)
For a complete change history, please see the Git log comments. For more
details about recent point releases, please see the online changelog at:
7.4.5 release (2020-4-30)
- Security release, see ticket #6313 for more information.
- Improve setting of key environment vars for FastCGI/IIS, see ticket #6289.
7.4.4 release (2020-3-20)
- Security release, see ticket #6014 for more information.
7.4.3 release (2019-12-16)
- No major changes, see detailed changelog for bug fixes
7.4.2 release (2019-9-13)
- No major changes, see detailed changelog for bug fixes
7.4.1 release (2019-7-12)
- No major changes, see detailed changelog for bug fixes
7.4.0 release (2019-5-14)
- No major changes, see detailed changelog for bug fixes
7.4.0-rc2 release (2019-5-10)
- No major changes, see detailed changelog for bug fixes
7.4.0-rc1 release (2019-5-1)
- No major changes, see detailed changelog for bug fixes
7.4.0-beta2 release (2019-4-17)
- Addresses XSS issue with [layers] template tag (fix available in 6.4, 7.0 and 7.2 branches as well)
- Added Perl/Mapscript to Travis CI
- No other major changes, see detailed changelog for bug fixes
7.4.0-beta1 release (2019-3-29)
- Python MapScript binding is available as installable Wheels with a full test suite and examples
- C# MapScript binding is now compatible with .NET Core
- PHP 7 MapScript binding support - both PHP/MapScript and Swig/MapScript
- Added workaround to allow compiling against Proj 6 (#5766)
7.2.2 release (2019-2-19)
- No major changes, see detailed changelog for bug fixes
7.2.1 release (2018-10-1)
- No major changes, see detailed changelog for bug fixes
7.2.0 release (2018-07-23)
- Fixed issue with ring handling with polygons in MVT support (#5626)
- No other major changes, see detailed changelog for bug fixes
7.2.0-beta2 release (2018-6-13)
- Update beta1 release notes to remove reference to PHP7 support
- No other major changes, see detailed changelog for bug fixes
7.2.0-beta1 release (2018-5-9)
- Support for Enhanced Layer Metadata Management (RFC82)
- Calculate MINDISTANCE from label bounds instead of label center (#5369)
- Reposition follow labels on maxoverlapangle colisions (RFC112)
- Implement chainable compositing filters (RFC113)
- Faster retrieval of shape count (RFC114)
- WMS layer groups are now requestable
- Support C-style multi-line content types (#5362)
- Python 3.x support (#5561)
- Support Vendor-Specific OGC FILTER parameter in WMS requests (RFC118)
- Mapbox Vector Tile (MVT) Support (RFC119)
- INSPIRE download service support for WCS 2.0 (RFC120)
7.0.0 release (2015/07/24)
- No major changes, see detailed changelog for bug fixes
7.0.0-beta2 release (2015/06/29)
- No major changes, see detailed changelog for bug fixes
7.0.0-beta1 release (2015/02/12)
- RFC91 Layer Filter Normalization
- Implement WCS20 Extensions (#4898)
- Require validation of ExternalGraphic OnlineResource (#4883)
- Require validation on the CGI queryfile parameter. (#4874)
- Apply RFC86 scaletoken substitutions to layer->PROCESSING entries
- RFC113 Layer Compositing Pipeline
- RFC109 Optimizing Runtime Substitutions
- RFC108 Heatmap / Kernel-Density Layers
- RFC106 Support of Geomtransform JavaScript Plugin
- RFC105 Support for WFS 2.0 (server side)
- RFC104 Bitmap Label removal, replaced with inlined truetype font
- RFC103 Layer Level Character Encoding
- RFC102 Support of Styleitem JavaScript Plugin
- RFC99 GD removal
- RFC98 Complex Text Rendering / Text Rendering Overhaul
- RFC93 UTF Grid Support
6.4 release (2013/09/17)
- RFC 101: Support for Content Dependant Legend Rendering
- Add Support for librsvg as an alternative to libsvg-cairo
- RFC100: Add support for raster tile index with tiles of mixed SRS (TILESRS keyword)
- RFC94: Shape Smoothing
- RFC95 : add EXPRESSION {value1,value2,...} support to parser (#4648)
- RFC92: Migration from autotools to cmake (#4617)
- RFC88: Saving MapServer Objects to Strings (#4563)
- RFC90: Enable/Disable Layers in OGC Web Services by IP Lists
- RFC85,89 Added Simplify,SimplityPT and Generalize geomtransform, implementation of
geomtransform at the layer level
- RFC86: Scale-dependant token replacements (#4538)
- Fix symbol scaling for vector symbols with no height (#4497,#3511)
- Implementation of layer masking for WCS coverages (#4469)
- Implementation of offsets on follow labels (#4399)
6.2.0 release (git branch-6-2) 2012/11/14:
- Fix WFS GetFeature result bounds are not written in requested projection (#4494)
- Fixed wrong size in LegendURL of root layer (#4441)
- Fixed wms_style_name in GetMap requests (#4439)
- Fix segfault in queryByFilter function in MapScript
- Adjusted WCS 2.0 to WCS Core 2.0.1 and GMLCOV 1.0.1 corrigenda (#4003)
- Adjusted mediatype to multipart/related in WCS 2.0 (#4003)
- Fix symbolObj.getImage seg fault in PHP/MapScript
- Fix bad handling of startindex in some drivers (#4011)
WFSGetFeature also now uses a global maxfeatures and startindex to support
maxfeatures across layers rather than within layers
- Fixed bugs with WCS 1.1/2.0 with VSIMEM (#4369)
- Add notable changes here. Less important changes should go only in the
commit message and not appear here.
- Fixed the OGR driver to use point or line spatial filter geometries in degenerated cases (#4420)
- implement OFFSET x -99 on ANGLE FOLLOW labels (#4399)
Version 6.2 (beta1: 20120629):
- Fix WFS filter is produced as non-standard XML (#4171)
- Fix pixmap symbol loading issue (#4329)
- Added INSPIRE ExtendedCapabilities and DOCTYPE definition to WMS 1.1.1 (#3608)
- Fix wms_enable_request-related errors are not properly tagged (#4187)
- Fixed "msGetMarkerSize() called on unloaded pixmap symbol" in mapsymbol.c (#4225)
- Fixed PHP MapScript support for PHP 5.4 (#4309)
- Fix msOGREscapeSQLParam could return random data (#4335)
- Fixed locations of supported and native formats in Capabilities and CoverageDescriptions for WCS 2.0 (#4003)
- Made format parameter for WCS 2.0 GetCoverage requests optional (#4003)
- Swig mapscript for multi-label support (#4310)
- Fix creation of a vector symbolObj in mapscript (#4318)
- Added coverage metadata in WCS (#4306)
- Ignore unknown requets parameteres in WCS 2.0 (#4307).
- Fixed getFeature request with custom output format fails on filter encoding (#4190)
- Fixed resolution when UoM changes in WCS 2.0 (#4283)
- Added missing DEFRESOLUTION parameter to msCopyMap() function (#4272)
- Migrated svn to git, and issue tracking from trac to github
- Fixed mapscript is unusable in a web application due to memory leaks (#4262)
- Fixed legend image problem with annotation layers with label offsets (#4147)
- Add support for mutiple labels per feature (RFC81)
- Add support for INSPIRE view service (RFC 75)
- Drop support for GDAL/OGR older than 1.5.0 (#4224)
- PDF backend: add support for generating geospatial PDF, when
GDAL 2.0 with PDF driver is used, and the GEO_ENCODING FORMATOPTION
(set to ISO32000 or OGC_BP) is added to the OUTPUTFORMAT definition. (#4216)
- Python mapscript: fix swig mappings to work with both python 2.5.and 2.6 (#3940)
- Added classgroup CGI parameter support (#4207)
- Java mapscript: renamed shared library and completed libtool support (#2595)
- Fixed WCS 2.0 axis order (#4191)
- Added MS_CJC_* constants in PHP/MapScript (#4183)
- Fixed Memory Leak with Fribidi Strings (#4188)
- Allow multiple label definitions within a class (RFC 77/#4127)
- shp2img: make it possible to specify layers (with -l option) that match GROUP names.
- reuse a pre-parsed mapfile across fastcgi loops in case the mapfile is
specified with the MS_MAPFILE env variable. (#4018)
- Ability to do use PropertyIsLike with a column of a different type than text (postgis) (#4176)
- Fixed SLD with FILTER doesn't apply properly to database layers (#4112)
- Fixed lexer buffer size issue with single quotes in a string (#4175)
- WFS Quote Escape issue (#4087)
- Raster layer fails to be drawn if the window is less than half a pixel (#4172)
- shptree: Improvement to reduce size of .qix files (#4169)
- avoid potential gd fontcache deadlock on fastcgi exit signals(#4093)
- Adjusted WCS GetCapabilities for an empty list of layers (#4140)
- Adjusted WMS GetCapabilities for an empty list of layers (#3755)
- Refactor cgi masperv to not call exit on argument errors (#3099)
- Add --with-apache-module configure option to build an apache dso module
- Use libtool to build object files and libraries
- Dynamically link libmapserver to the created binaries by default
(requires the make install step to be run)
- Python mapscript builds with make instead of setuptools
- Fix LABELPNT geomtransform position for non-cached labels (#4121)
- Add RFC80 font fallback support (#4114)
- Added POLAROFFSET style option for a different symbol transform (#4117)
- automatically translate vector symbol points (#4116)
- Add RFC79 Layer masking (#4111)
- Fixed single pixel coverages in WCS 2.0 (#4110)
- Add svg symbols support (#3671)
- Fixed subsetting in WCS 2.0 (#4099)
- Upgrade clipper library to 4.6.3
- Make openlayers wms template request images with mimetype of outputformat
defined in the mapfile's imagetype
- Fix memory leak in msSLDParseRasterSymbolizer()
- Fix compilation error with clang in renderers/agg/include/agg_renderer_outline_aa.h
- Add stable hatch rendering (#3847)
- Added vector field rendering (#4094)
- Add wms dimensions support (#3466)
- Fixed segfault when calling classObj::updateFromString() with SYMBOL (#4062)
- Use a renderer native follow text implementation if available.
- Fixed layer with inline feature to support multiple classes (#4070)
- Add support for rfc45 anchorpoint on marker symbols (#4066)
- Add initial gap support for line marker symbols (#3879)
- Fix center to center computation of gaps for line marker symbols
and polygon tile patterns (#3867)
- Add initial gap support for line patterns (#3879)
- Fixed grid of thin lines in polygon symbol fills (#3868)
- Fixed cannot add a style to a label in PHP/SWIG Mapscript (#4038)
- Fixed schema validity issue for WCS 1.1 GetCoverage responses (#4047)
- remove default compiler search paths from the GD CFLAGS/LDFLAGS (#4046)
- Fixed Python Mapscript does not write COLOR to reference map (#4042)
- Added XMP support for metadata embedding, RFC 76, (#3932)
- Added GetLegendGraphic Cascading support (#3923)
- Rewrite postgres TIME queries to take advantage of indexes (#3374)
- Unified OWS requests and applied to WCS (defaults to version 2.0 now) (#3925)
- WCS 1.0: Fix crash with some _rangeset_axes values (#4020)
- WCS 2.0: Adjusted offset vector and origin (#4006)
- Added addParameter() method to MapScript (#3973)
- Changed msDrawVectorLayer() not to cache shapes if attribute binding is present after the first style (#3976)
- Fix mapscript to build when TRUE macro is not defined (#3926)
- Fix mapscript php build issues with MSVC (#4004)
- PHP MapScript is missing many styleObj properties (#3901)
- PHP/Mapscript: Segmentation fault when getting complex object using PHP 5.2 (#3930)
- PHP/Mapscript: Fixed webObj->metadata returns a webObj (#3971)
- WCS 1.1: Added check for imageCRS in msOWSCommonBoundingBox() (#3966)
- Fixed contains operator in logical expresions (#3974)
- WCS 1.0: WCS Exceptions raise mapscript exceptions (#3972)
- WMS: LAYERS parameter is optional when sld is given (#1166)
- Add runtime substitution for "filename" output format option (#3571) and
allow setting defaults in either metadata or validation (preferred) blocks
for both layer and output format.
- Add non antialiased text rendering for GD (#3896)
- Fixed OGC filter using expressions (#3481)
- Fix incorrect rendering of GD lines between 1 and 2 pixels wide (#3962)
- Add gamma correction to AGG polygon rendering (#3165)
- Initialize the scalebar image color to transparent by default (#3957)
- Do not divide by zero in io read/write funcs (#4135)
- Fixes to prevent SQL injections through OGC filter encoding (in WMS, WFS
and SOS), as well as a potential SQL injection in WMS time support.
Your system may be vulnerable if it has MapServer with OGC protocols
enabled, with layers connecting to an SQL RDBMS backend, either
natively or via OGR (#3903)
- Fix performance issue with Oracle and scrollable cursors (#3905)
- Fix attribute binding for layer styles (#3941)
- Added missing fclose() when writing query files (#3943)
- Fix double-free in msAddImageSymbol() when filename is a http resource (#3939)
- Fix rendering of lines with outlinewidth set if not on first style (#3935)
- Correct SLD with spatial filters bbox and intersects (#3929)
- Applied patch for ticket (symbol writing issues) (#3589)
- Added WMS GetFeatureInfo Cascading (#3764)
- Fixed png lib is not found on multiarch systems (#3921)
- Fixed PHP MapScript opacity property of StyleObj no longer works (#3920)
- Fixed Using STYLEITEM AUTO, loadExpression fails when the label text
contains a space or begins with a double quote (#3481)
- Fix for the cluster processing if the shape bounds doesn't overlap
with the given extent (#3913)
- Add support for dashes on polygon hatches (#3912)
- Union layer 3 new processing options added (#3900)
- Changed msRemoveStyle to allow removing all styles (#3895)
- Fixed mssql2008 to return correct geometries with chart layer type (#3894)
- Ensure msLayerSetProcessingKey() supports setting a NULL value to clear
a processing key.
- Write SYMBOLSET/END tags when saving a symbol file (#3885)
- Make java threadtests work again (#3887)
- Fix segfault on malformed <PropertyIsLike> filters (#3888)
- Fixed the query handling problem with the Oracle spatial driver (#3878)
- Fixed potential crash with AVERAGE resampling and crazy reprojection (#3886)
- Adjusted OperationsMetadata for POST in WCS 2.0 GetCapabilities response
- Fix for the warnings in mapunion.c (#3880)
- SLD: correct when same layer is used with multiple styles (#1602)
- Fixed the build problem in mapunion.c (#3877)
- Implement to get all shapes with the clustered layer (#3873)
- Union layer: Fixed the crash when styling source layers using attributes (#3870)
- Added GEOS difference operator to expression support (#3871)
- Improve rangeset item checking so that Bands=1,2,3 is supported with WCS 1.0
- Fix GetMapserverUnitUsingProj() for proj=latlong (#3883)
- Add support for OGR output of 2.5D geometries (#3906)
Version 6.0.0 (2011-05-11)
- apply fix for #3834 on legend icon rendering (#3866)
- Union layer: Fixed a potential seg fault in msUnionLayerNextShape (#3859)
- Cluster layer: Fixed the problem when returning undefined attribute (#3700)
- Union layer: Fix for the item initialization at the source layer (#3859)
- Union layer: Fixed the potential seg fault when STYLEITEM AUTO is used (#3859)
Version 6.0.0-rc2 (2011-05-05)
- Fixed seg fault with [shpxy] tag... (#3860)
- Removed obsolete msQueryByOperator() function
- Call msLayerClose() before msLayerOpen() in the various query
functions (#3692)
- Fix WMS 1.3.0 to use full list of epsg codes with inverted axis (#3582)
- PHP/Mapscript: Added getResultsBounds() method in layer object (#2967)
- Fix SLD containing a PropertyIsLike filter (#3855)
- Fixed msUnionLayerNextShape to return correct values (#3859)
- Union layer: fix for the failure if one or more of the source layers
are not in the current extent (#3858)
- Fix memory leak in msResampleGDALToMap() (#3857)
- Fix missing initialization of default formats in WCS 1.x.
- Fix maxoverlapangle when value is set to 0 (#3856)
Version 6.0.0-rc1 (2011-04-27)
- Fix for the styleitem handling with union layer (#3674)
- Fixed mindistance label test to check layer indexes. (#3851)
- Fixed segmentation fault in PHP/MapScript and improved the php object
method calls (#3730)
- Fix build issue related to unnecessary use of gdal-config --dep-libs (#3316)
Version 6.0.0-beta7 (2011-04-20)
- Union Layer: fix for the STYLEITEM AUTO option (#3674)
- Union Layer: Add support for the layer FILTER expressions,
add "Union:SourceLayerVisible" predefined attribute (#3674)
- fix circle layer drawing for edge case when point1.x==point2.x (#1356)
- fix incorrect quantization for images with very large number of
colors (#3848)
- fix poor performance of polygon hatching (#3846)
- upgrade clipper library to 4.2 (related to #3846)
- Fix configure output for "WFS Client" (was reporting WMS info, #3842)
- KML: latlon bbox for raster layers could end up being wrong for non-square
requests (#3840)
Version 6.0.0-beta6 (2011-04-13)
- define EQUAL/EQUALN macros if cpl_port.h was not included (#3844)
- add configurable PNG/ZLIB compression level (#3841)
- SLD: use pixmap size when parameter size is not specified (#2305)
- fix memory leaks in mapgraticule.c (#3831)
- fix runtime sub validation against web metadata, was using wrong lookup key
- clean up the symbolset if we've used an alternate renderer for a
layer (#3834,#3616)
- fix crash on embeded legend with cairo raster renderer
- fix crashes in SVG renderer on polygon symbol fills (#3837)
- fix crash/corruptions with raster layers in pdf outputs (#3799)
- fix memory leak in msFreeLabelCacheSlot (#3829)
- use a circle brush for wide GD lines (#3835)
- fix segmentation fault with transparent layers containing symbols (#3834)
- fix memory leak on tiled vector polygons
- fix segfault with marker symbols on short lines (#3823)
- wms_getmap_formatlist causes first defined outputformat to be returned by
getmap (#3826)
- fix building of mapcluster.c when OGR support is disabled
- fix some valgrind found memory leaks (offset symbols, and gd io contexts)
- skip marker symbol with no defined SYMBOL (caused some memory leaks with
uninitialized vector points)
- fix crash in GD lines with floating point dash patterns (#3823)
- Check renderer before using it when calculating label size (#3822)
- allow palette file path to be relative to mapfile (#2115)
- use supplied offset for brushed lines (#3825, #3792)
- fix division by 0 error in bar charts for some ill-defined cases (#3218)
- add GAP, POSITION and CAPS/JOINS to mapfile writer (#3797)
- fix GEOMTRANSFORM rotation orientation for vector symbols (#3802)
- GD Driver broken in FastCGI (#3813)
- configure: look for under lib64 as well
- Coding style and formatting fixes (#3819, #3820, #3821, and more)
- More improvements to OpenGL error handling (#3791)
- Added WMS GetFeatureInfo RADIUS=bbox vendor-specific option (#3561)
Version 6.0.0-beta5 (2011-04-06)
- Fix setting of top-level mapObj member variables in PHP MapScript (#3815)
- More robust OpenGL context creation on older video cards and drivers (#3791)
- Allow users to set the maximum number of vector features to be drawn (#3739)
- Fixed FCGI on Windows problem related to lexer (#3812)
- KML: Add ows/kml_exclude_items (#3560)
- Removed all refs left to MS_SYMBOL_CARTOLINE (#3798)
- Removed GAP, PATTERN, LINECAP/JOIN and POSITION from symbolObj (#3797)
- Fixed handling of STYLEITEM AUTO label position codes 10,11,12 (#3806)
- Fixed msGEOSGeometry2Shape to handle 'GEOMETRYCOLLECTION EMPTY'
as null geometry instead of raising an error (#3811)
- Re-added the MYSQL JOIN support. Had been removed with the MYGIS
deprecated driver.
- Add opacity to legend (#3740)
- Updated PHP/MapScript with the new objects properties (#3735)
- KML: set layer's projection when it is not defined (#3809)
- Updated xml mapfile schema and xsl with the new lexer properties (#3735)
- Updated PHP/MapScript for MS RFC 69: clustering. (#3700)
- Move allocation of cgiRequestObj paramNames/Values to msAllocCgiObj() (#1888)
- Add support for simple aggregates for the cluster layer attributes (#3700)
- Improved error reporting in msSaveImage() (#3733)
- configure: look for under lib64 as well
- added missing ';' before charset in WFS DescribeFeatureType header (#3793)
- add brushed line support for agg renderer (#3792)
- fix bug with marker symbols along offset line
- fix for the cluster layer returning invalid feature count (#3794)
- remove some compiler warnings
- fix incorrect scaling of hatch symbol spacing (#3773)
- fix incorrect background color for INIMAGE exceptions (#3790)
Version 6.0.0-beta4 (2011-03-30)
- Fix shp2img's -i flag to honour map level transparent, image quality and
interlace settings.
- Make sure command-line programs use an exit status other than 0
when an error is encountered. (#3753)
- Applied patch to filter unwanted fribidi characters (#3763)
- Fixed lexer to set the proper state on URL variable substitutions
- Fixed Memory leak in PostGIS driver (#3768)
- Fixed PHP/MapScript symbol property setter method
- fix memory leak in bar charts
- fix some valgrind errors on agg rotated pixmap symbols
- WCS 2.0: Adjusted definition of NilValues.
- Fixed handling of PROJ_LIB value relative to mapfile path (#3094)
- Fixed compilation error with opengl support (#3769)
- add support for gml:Box for spatial filters (#3789)
- fix query map generation error introduced in beta2 when output format
initialized was made as needed.
- fix incorrect PATTERN behavior on agg lines (#3787)
- report SOS DescribeObservationType in Capabilities (#3777)
- Updated lexer to detect time attribute bindings (e.g. `[item]`) in logical
- Fixed layer context expressions (REQUIRES/LABELREQUIRES) (#3737)
- KML: Output ExtendedData (#3728)
- Fixed OWS usage of multiple layers with same name (#3778)
- WCS implementation should not lookup wms_* metadata (#3779)
- WCS 2.0: Adjusted definition of rangeType.
- Fixed OWS GetCapabilities to report only requests/operations that are
- WCS 2.0: Report only bands in the range subset.
- OWS requests should be completely blocked by default (#3755)
- SLD: check for limit on dash arrays (#3772)
- WMS: Apply sld after bbox and srs have been parsed (#3765)
Version 6.0.0-beta3 (2011-03-23)
- apply min/max size/width style values to polygon spacing (vaguely related
to #3132)
- assure that a created tile has a non-zero width and height (#3370)
- use png_sig_cmp instead of png_check_sig (#3762)
- Rendering: scale style OFFSET and GAP the same way we scale other style
attributes. Beforehand, we scaled them proportionaly to the computed width.
- KML: fix rounding problem for point feautres (#3767)
- KML: update code to reflect output changes. Fix true type symbols. (#3766)
- SLD: Text Symbolizer now uses the new expression syntax (#3757)
- WFS: correct bbox values for GetFeature with featureid request (#3761)
- Mapscript Seg Fault on mapObj->getMetaData (#3738)
- Correct double free in msCleanup().
- Initialize default formats in WCS.
- Fix csharp (#3758)
- Allow run-time subs in class->text (makes sense if you allow it in
- Fix build problem when --enable-cgi-cl-debug-args is enabled (#2853)
Version 6.0.0-beta2 (2011-03-18)
- correct scaling of symbol GAP and PATTERN (#3752)
- remove references to SWF/MING
- CGI runtime substitution requires a validation pattern (was optional
before) (#3522)
- add a default png8 outputformat that uses AGG/PNG with quantization
- change MS_INIT_COLOR to take alpha as a parameter
- stop using style->opacity in rendering code, use alpha from colorObjs.
- Fixed big Oracle memory leak when rendering in KML (#3719)
- avoid linking in postgres dependencies unnecessarily (#3708)
- don't initialize outputformats until they are selected
- use "seamless" creation of tiles for polygon fills with vector symbols
- Ability to escape single/double quotes inside a string (#3706)
- Globally replace msCaseFindSubstring with strcasestr (#3255)
- support GROUP layers in shp2img (#3746)
- Honour MAXSIZE for WCS 2.0 responses (#3204).
- fallback to ows_title for WCS ows:Title of CoverageDescription (#3528)
- Added msIO_stripStdoutBufferContentHeaders() to strip off all
Content-* headers from a buffer (#3673, #3665).
- Added raster classification support for STYLE level OPACITY.
- Allow attribute references, that is [itemname], within a TEXT string (#3736)
- Fixed segmentation fault when parsing invalid extent arguments in
shp2img (#3734)
- Make "openlayers mode" work even without OWS support (#3732)
- Add a static table to define the axis order for soem epsg codes (#3582)
- Add possibility to use KML_NAME_ITEM (#3728)
- Fixed mapfile parsing error when a label angle referenced an attribute
(e.g. ANGLE [angle]) #3727
- Removed executable flag on some source files (#3726)
- Fixed SQL Spatial to be able to use UniqueIdentifier field as unique
key (#3722)
- Fix PHP Windows build (#3714)
- Fixed --with-opengl build issue: Look for OpenGL libs under /usr/lib64 as
well (#3724)
Version 6.0.0-beta1 (2011-03-09)
- Fixed Core Dump from Format=KML/Z with Oracle Spatial layers (#3713)
- Call msPluginFreeVirtualTableFactory from msCleanup (#2164)
- Avoid the crash if anglemode 'FOLLOW' is specified with bitmap fonts. (#3379)
- Add argument check for processTemplate, processLegendTemplate and
processQueryTemplate in the C# bindings (#3699)
- Remove shapeObj.line, shapeObj.values, lineObj.point from the SWIG API
which are redundant and undocumented. (#3269)
- Remove map-oriented query modes (e.g. QUERYMAP). Use qformat parameter instead. (#3712)
- Implement single-pass query handling in mssql2008 driver as per RFC 65.
- Fixed Sql Server 2008 key column name truncation (#3654)
- Added label position binding (#3612) and label shadow size binding (#2924)
- Implement MS RFC 69: Support for clustering of features in point layers (#3700)
- Implement MS RFC 68: Support for combining features from multiple layers (#3674)
- Add support for WCS 1.1 Post (#3710)
- Fixed OGR query handling according to RFC 65 (#3647)
- Implement CLOSE_CONNECTION=ALWAYS to suppress the connection pooling
for a particular layer.
- Implemented RFC 67: Enable/Disable layers in ogc web services (#3703)
- Class title can now be used in legends. It's value takes precedence over class name. Previously
title was not used any place in the code but it is supported for read/write. (#3702)
- Allow definition of nodata attribute for layers without results (via resultset tag). (#3701)
- mapprojhack.c: restructure to avoid needing projects, or any internal
knowledge of PROJ.4.
- Fix newlines around part boundaries in WCS multipart results (#3672)
- Added minfeaturesize support at layer or class level (#1340)
- Implemented support in for classifying rasters using the new
expression parsing (msGetClass()...) (#3663)
- Implemented RFC 65 which improves and simplifies one-pass query support. This causes
a few MapScript regressions with getShape/getFeature/getResultsShape. (#3647)
- Support setting filenames for WCS GetCoverage results (#3665)
- OGR auto-styling: use the color parameter and set the style's opacity when it is available.
Allow symbols that can be stored externally (#3660)
- Add possiblity to use symbols stored externally, accessed through http (#3662)
- Better handling of temporary files (#3354)
- Support curved features in PostGIS (#3621)
- NODATA values now excluded from autoscaling min/max for non-eight
scaling computations (#3650)
- Fixed missing time in msDrawMap logging (#3651)
- Fixed Auto Angle - incorrectly placed Labels (#3648)
- Fixed Improper validation of symbol index values (#3641)
- Fixed Transformation from XML to MapFile only handles one PROCESSING element (#3631)
- Fixed 16bit classification support - problem introduced with new
renderer architecture (#3624)
- Cleanup open gdal datasets in msGDALCleanup() (if we have a very new
GDAL). This makes it easier to identify memory leaks.
- Add support for per layer tuning of the shape to pixel conversion (SIMPLIFY, ROUND,
- Fixed: Memory allocation results should always be checked (#3559)
- Fixed free(): invalid next size in mapfile.c (#3604)
- Added a built-in OpenLayers map viewer (#3549)
- Fixed issues with static buffers and sprintf (#3537)
- Fix for the memory corruption when mapping the string data type in the Java bindings (3491)
- Fixed double free in shp2img.c (#3497)
- Fixed number of CGI params is limited to 100 (#3583)
- Fixed duplicated XML and HTML errors from WFS GetFeature (#3571)
- Support group names for GetLegendGraphic and GetStyles (#3411)
- apply patch (thanks rouault) to advertise resultType=hits in WFS 1.1 Capabilities (#3575)
- mapshape.c: Fix writing of geometries with z/m and fail gracefully attempting
to create such files if USE_POINT_Z_M is not enabled (#3564)
- sortshp.c: improve error handling (#3564)
- MSSQL2008: Add support for geography data type by extending the DATA syntax
to 'geometry_column(geometry_type) from table_name'
- Fixed ability to get the error message and code of an OWS exception (#3554)
- Fixed msOGRGetSymbolId according to the changes in gdal 1.8 (#3556)
- Support holding WMS client requests in RAM instead of writing to disk (#3555)
- RFC-61: Enhance MapServer Feature Style Support (#3544)
- Restrict cascaded WMS requests based on EXTENT (#3543)
- Avoid EPSG lookups for WMS client layers if possible (#3533)
- RFC-60: Add ability to skip ANGLE FOLLOW labels with too much character overlap (#3523)
- Fixed SWF: not a valid Bitmap FillStyle (#3548)
- Set dependency on libxml2 when building --with-wfs (#3512)
- Fixed TRUE is undefined in shptreevis (#3545)
- shptreevis: bug truncates visualization shapefile if there are more
nodes in the tree than there are shapes being indexed!
- Fixed multiple include tags not supported in xml mapfiles (#3530)
- Support reading .dbf files between 2GB and 4GB (#3514)
- Avoid warnings about ms_cvsid being unused with gcc.
- Ensure the class is not marked BeforeFieldInit causing memory corruption with C#/CLR4 (#3438)
- Fixed MSSQL2008 driver returning invalid extent (#3498)
- Added coordinate scaling to shpxy tag via parameters scale, scale_x or scale_y.
- Fix computation of shape bounds when the first line contains no points
(#3119)(fixes #3383)
- Allow map relative specification in the PROJ_LIB config item (#3094)
- Try to report reprojection errors in SLD Filter evaluation (#3495)
- Disabled some insecure (and potentially exploitable) mapserv command-line
debug arguments (#3485). The --enable-cgi-cl-debug-args configure switch
can be used to re-enable them for devs who really cannot get away without
them and who understand the potential security risk (not recommended for
production servers or those who don't understand the security implications).
- Fixed segmentation fault in ogr driver when shape type is null
- Fixed synchronized MS_UNITS and inchesPerUnits array (#3173)
- Fixed possible buffer overflow in msTmpFile() (#3484)
- Fixed Using STYLEITEM AUTO, loadExpression fails when the label text contains a double quote (#3481)
- PHP/MapScript: Expose getGeomTransform/setGeomTransform instead of exposing the private vars for rfc48 (#2825)
- PHP/MapScript: Fixed updateFromString functions to resolve symbol names (#3273)
- PHP/MapScript: ability to use the php clone keyword (#3472)
- Modified mapserver units enum order to fix some problems with external softwares (#3173)
- Fixed configure does not detect libGD version dependencies (#3478)
- Fixed Drawing inline text not working (bitmap) (#3475)
- ensure well formed XML when msWCSGetCapabilities_CoverageOfferingBrief
returns MS_FAILURE (#3469)
- Fixed msQueryByRect does not use tolerance (#3453)
- Fixed MapScript processTemplate and processQueryTemplate seg fault (#3468)
- Fixed shapeObj->toWkt() returns single point for multipoint geometry (#2762)
- Fixed Internal server error when Oracle returns ora-28002 code (#3457)
- Fixed PHP/MapScript ms_iogetstdoutbufferbytes() always returning 0 bytes written (#3041)
- MapScript resultsGetShape() method fails with a OracleSpatial layer (#3462)
- PHP/MapScript circular references between objects (#3405)
- Handle null results with gml:Null/gml:null according to version (#3299)
- Reworked mapfile writing to use helper functions so that core types (e.g. numbers, strings,
colors, keywords, etc...) are always written consistently.
- Ensure mapwmslayer.c does not unlink file before closing connection on it (#3451)
- Fix security exception issue in C# with MSVC2010 (#3438)
- Write out join CONNECTIONTYPE when saving a mapfile. (#3435)
- Fixed attribute queries to use an extent stored (and cached) as part of the queryObj
rather than the map->extent. (#3424)
- Reverted msLayerWhichItems() to 5.4-like behavior although still supporting
retrieving all items (#3356,#3342)
- Grid layer: remove drawing of unnecessary gird lines (#3433)
- Avoid errors and debug output for CONNECTION-less OGR layers in mappool.c
if they have a tileindex.
- Implement support for raw imagemodes to use NULLVALUE formatoption to set
the background value of result images, and to try and mark nodata (#1709)
- Implement support for wcs_rangeset_nullvalue to set NULLVALUE and
return null value definition in describe coverage result (#655)
- Try to avoid exhausting the color table when rendering 24bit key
images into 8bit results (#1594)
- Avoid crash, and ensure error report when loading keyimage fails (#1594)
- Improve the handling of simple string comparisons for raster classified
values (#3425)
- Generate good SQL when using !BOX! token and no filter. (#3422)
- Implement non-shapefile tileindex support for raster query (#2796).
- Improve support for [red/green/blue] classification expressions for
raster query (#1021)
- Fixed imageObj->saveImage() sends unnecessary headers (#3418)
- Avoid automatically regenerating maplexer.c (#2310)
- Change rounding rules for average resampling (#1932)
- Implement support for filename encryption per RFC 18 for rasters (#3416)
- Fixed segfault when using shapefile with empty geometry and tileindex (#3365)
- Avoid race condition on core_lock on win32 mutex init (#3396)
- Avoid use of inline keyword for C code (#3327)
- Support WFS parsing through libxml2 (#3364)
- Fixed PHP/MapScript imageObj->saveImage() function (#3410)
- Implement wms_nonsquare_ok metadata item for WMS servers that do
not support non-square pixels (#3409)
- Fixed MapScript shape->classindex is always 0 (#3406)
- Fixed PHP MapScript integer passing broken on 64bit systems (#3412)
- Fix MS_NONSQUARE to work in mode=map (#3413)
- Support inclusion of raster layers in query map drawing even if the results
may not be that useful (#1842).
- Fixed auto angle: incorrectly rotated Labels. Added AUTO2 angle mode. (#1688)
- Preliminary implementation of validity mask (imageObj->img_mask) for raw
raster data (#2181)
- Added libgd < 2.0.30 compatibility (#3293)
- Incorporate support for GDAL nodata on RGB images (#2404)
- Incorporated support for GDAL masks (GDAL RFC 15) (#2640)
- Fixed XML transformation issues with expressions and symbols (#3397)
- Check error returns from mapstring functions (#2988)
- Add support for multiliple srs in WFS 1.1.0 (#3227)
- Fixed PHP/MapScript owsRequestObj->loadParams() method when using php in a non cgi/fcgi/cli mode. (#1975)
- Ensure that non-file raster datasets work (#3253)
- Correct mutex locking problem with rasters with no inherent georef. (#3368)
- Correct ungeoreferenced defaults via GetExtent() on raster layer (#3368)
- PHP Mapscript refactoring: take full advantage of PHP 5 / Zend Engine 2 (#3278)"
- Fixed msRemoveHashTable() to return the proper value on failure/success.
- Correct one pass query problems and OGC filter query (#3305)
- Fixed msMSSQL2008CloseConnection() to free the statement handle properly (#3244)
- Fixed the query handling with the MSSQL2008 driver (#3058)
- Fixed swig zoomRectangle() method: the maxy in the rect object have to be < miny value (#3286)
- Fix crash with GRID layers with no classes (#3352)
- Remove "legacy" raster support, all raster rendering via GDAL now.
- Very preliminary render plugin support for raster rendering. (RFC 54)
- support correct MIME type output for WFS 1.1.0 (#3295)
- add WMS 1.3.0 LayerLimit support (#3284)
- fix WFS 1.1.0 exception attributes (#3301)
- add more useful error message when query file extension test fails (#3302)
- s/gml:null/gml:Null for empty WFS GetFeature responses (#3299)
- Support metatiling and buffers in mode=tile (#3323)
- Enhance error messages in msGetTruetypeTextBBox() (#3314)
- Report parsing errors in INCUDEd files using the line number within the file (#3329)
- Avoid memory error when building SQL bbox (#3324)
- Reproject rectangles as polygons to get datelin wrapping (#3179)
- Add support for the WMS capabilities items AuthorityURL, Identifier (#3251)
- Added support to write a null shape in a shape file. (#3277)
- Apply ON_MISSING_DATA to zero-length WMS client calls (#2785, #3243)
- PHP/Mapscript: added labelCacheMember object and mapObj::getLabel() method (#1794)
- Add shplabel tag support in templates (#3241)
- Bumped GEOS requirement to version 3.0+ (#3215)
- Fixed memory leak related to templates (#2996)
- Added support of 44xx gtypes in oracle spatial driver (#2830)
- Fixed curl proxy auth support for http connections (#571)
- PHP/MapScript: removed deprecated class properties (#2170)
- Fixed OGR datasource double free (#3261)
- Fix compilation warnings around use of strcasestr (#3257)
- Made %substitution% strings case insensitive (#3250)
- Added support to get the extent of a raster layer that use a tileindex (#3252)
- Fixed configure to support FTGL 2.1.2 (#3247)
- Changed msSaveImageBufferGD to be in accordance with msSaveImageGD (#3201)
- PHP/Mapscript: added layerObj units property (#3249)
- Changed the query map rendering implementation without adding extra layers to the map (#3069)
- SQL Server 2008 plugin is not handling null field values correctly (#2893)
- Hatch symbol not properly saved (#2905)
- Expose symbolObj.inmapfile to the SWIG API, have already been exposed to PHP (#3233)
- Expose getGeomTransform/setGeomTransform to SWIG instead of exposing the private vars for rfc48 (#3214)
- Fixed writeSymbol to support writing 'ANGLE AUTO' (#3214)
- Fixed problems with point queries not working via the CGI (mode=query or mode=nquery) (#3246)
- Support QueryByShape() with point and line geometries (#3248)
- Honour MAXSIZE for WCS responses (#3204)
- Implemented RFC 52 LayerResultsGetShape support for OGR connection type.
- Fixed uninitialized variable with malloc used in osPointCluster() (#3236)
- Oracle driver: remove BLOB columns instead of changing them to null (#3228)
- Fixed ogc sld functions to return proper values (#2165)
- MAP EXTENT truncates GetFeature requests for data outside bounds (#1287)
- Added msStringSplitComplex function (#471)
- Mapserver WFS should send maxfeatures to the spatial database (#2605)
- WFS paging support (#2799)
- Fixed joins do not accept crypted passwords (#2912)
- Fixed HTML legend image samples truncated (#2636)
- WMS GetFeatureInfo should respect the scale like GetMap does (#842)
- Filter encoding: simple filters using propertyislike not applied properly
#2720, #2840
- Fix VBAR Chart production when using GD for rendering (#3482)
Version 5.6.0 (2009-12-04):
- WFS hits count is incorrect if the request contain 2 layers or more (#3244)
- Fixed a problem with layer plugin where copyVirtualTable didn't copy
the LayerResultsGetShape function pointer (#3223)
Version 5.6.0-rc1 (2009-11-27):
- Fixed a problem with shape-based queries against projected layers when
using a tolerance (#3211)
- Fixed long expression evaluation (#2123)
- Added simplfy and topologyPreservingSimplify to MapScript (#2753)
- Fixed Oracle FastCGI memory leak (#3187)
- layer->project flag not being reset properly for drawquerylayer (#673 #2079)
- OGC SLD: support multi-polygons geometries for filters embedded in
an SLD (#3097)
- [WMC] embedded SLD in context does not work with namespace prefix (#3115)
- Support name aliases used in sld text symbolizer (#3114)
- decode html and unicode entities for polygon truetype symbol fills (#3203)
- Parse PropertyName parameter for wfs requests (#675)
- Fixed when saving a map, layer->transform isn't written properly in
all cases. (#3198)
- Fixed buffer overflow in oracle spatial driver with large sql data (#2694)
- Improve FastCGI include file finding logic (#3200)
Version 5.6.0-beta5 (2009-11-04):
- Apply a minimum width on label outline (new outlines were too thin by default)
- Don't apply scalefactor to polygon outline widths (but apply the
- Fix vector symbol size calculation (#2896)
- Applied code clean up patch for mapsearch.c. (#3189)
- Fixed labels centering when the label is longer than the line (#2867)
- Ensure Python MapScript building doesn't reorder the libraries, support the
'subprocess' module where available for, and default to using the
"super" swig invocation described in the Python MapScript README when
mapscript_wrap.c isn't available on the file system. #2663 contains the
reordering issue.
- Fixed memory leak with shapefiles associated with one-pass query
implementation (#3188)
- Fix abs/fabs usage that prevented angle follow labels to be discarded if
they were too wrapped on themselves
- Allow CGI mapshape and imgshape variables to consume WKT strings (#3185)
- Added support for nautical miles unit (#3173)
- Fixed encoding metadata ignored by a few wcs/wfs 1.1 and sos requests (#3182)
- PHP/Mapscript: added "autofollow" and "repeatdistance" in labelObj (#3175)
- Added charset in content-type http header for wms/wfs/sos/wcs requests (#2583)
- Python/MapScript: improve compatibility for different swig versions (#3180)
- maprasterquery.c: a few fixes since beta4 (#3181, #3168).
- mapows.c: Generate WMS LatLongBoundingBox in WGS84 datum (#2578)
Version 5.6.0-beta4 (2009-10-18):
- Allow processing of single shapefiles with no items (e.g. an empty dbf file) (#3147)
- Added resolution scaling for swf, svg, pdf and imagemap drivers (#3157)
- Correct cases where a valid WFS Layer might return errors if
map extent does not overlap the layer extent (#3139)
- fix problem with 0-length line patterns in AGG
- Fixed problem of text/html WMS GetFeatureInfo which was returning HTML
image map output instead of the expected text/html template output.
This was done by changing the imagemap outputformat to use the
"text/html; driver=imagemap" mime type (#3024)
- more resolution fixes for resolution scaling (symbolscale case) (#3157)
- Make sure layer extents are saved when a mapfile is written (#2969)
- Fixed CurvePolygons from oracle not drawn (#2772)
- Fixed raster queries (broken by RFC 52 changes) (#3166)
- Fixed coordinate projection problem in some cases with WMS GetFeatureInfo
output in GML2 format (#2989)
- Added resolution scaling of some properties for GD driver (#3157)
- Modified GD functions API to be consistent with all others drivers (#3157)
- OGC Filter: strip all namespaces (not only ogc, gml) (#1350)
- Use decimal values for size and width in SVG output format (#2835)
- Correct invalid test when loading movies in an swf ouput (#2524)
- Return WMS GetCapabilities v1.3.0 by default as required by spec (#3169)
- Fixed mapObj.zoomScale() and mapobj.zoomRectangle() scaling problem in
Mapscript (#3131)
- Few more fixes for high res output (#3157)
- Allow "DRIVER 'TEMPLATE'" or "DRIVER TEMPLATE" in output formats
- Correct sld generated from mapserver classes (#3133)
- Correct libjpeg v7 compatability issue in old jpeg interface code (#3167)
- Correct FEATURE_COUNT limits on WMS GetFeatureInfo raster queries (#3168)
- Correct SCALE_BUCKETS issue with 16bit raster scaling (#3174)
Version 5.6.0-beta3 (2009-10-07):
- make RFC55 highres output be friendly with scaledependant rendering (#3157)
- avoid fractured and overlapping glyphs with angle follow (#2812)
- Fixed SDE layer seg fault (#3152)
- Fixed placement of labels using ANGLE AUTO which were not always positioned
correctly (#3160)
- Enable output of geometry in GML GetFeatureInfo if wms_geometries and
wms_geom_type are specified (#2989)
- fix URN typo in mapwfs.c for urn:EPSG:geographicCRS:...
- don't apply scalefactor to label outlines (#3157)
- update namespaces and schema pointers (#2872)
- add RFC49 and RFC40 keywords to copy functions (#2865)
- minor fix to correct numberOfResults when maxfeatures is set in
mapfile (#2907)
- Fixed possible crash with WFS GetFeature when no projection is specified
at the map level (#3129)
- Fixed anchor point of vertically stacked bar graphs
- Fixed TEXT property that cannot be removed in the CLASS object.
PHP/Mapscript (#3063)
- Fixed use of minfeaturesize auto with curved labels (#3151)
- Fixed msRemoveHashTable function when 2 keys have the same hash (#3146)
- Fix raster thread deadlock condition on posix/linux (#3145)
- Do not route thread debug output through msDebug which requires locking.
- Fix WCS coverage metadata handling if size/resolution missing (#2683).
- Fix WCS crash with use of datasets that aren't physical files (#2901).
- Fix WCS failure with WCS 1.1 OGC URN (urn:ogc:def:crs:OGC::CRS84) (#3161).
Version 5.6.0-beta2 (2009-10-01):
- Fixed a couple of issues with Oracle Spatial and single pass queries (#3069)
- Added layer.resultsGetShape() to PHP MapScript for use with queries (#3069)
- Fixed query maps under the new single pass query process (#3069)
- WFS Client seg fault (OGR layer not opened) (#3136)
- Reduce use of sqrt() calls when determining distances (#3134)
- support axis ordering for WFS 1.1 (#2899)
- const changes to avoid warnings with msLoadProjectionString()
- mapgd.c: removed unused drawVectorSymbolGD() function.
- Use namespace URI in XML mapfile
schema (#3142)
- Fixed issue with PHP_REGEX_INC in mapscript/php3/ (#3078)
Version 5.6.0-beta1 (2009-09-23):
- WMS 1.3.0 expects a CRS parameter instead of SRS (#2979)
- Allow users to set wms getmap and getlegendgraphic image format list (#455)
- Fixed MapScript shapeObj->toWkt() segfaults (#2763)
- add vertical bar charts to dynamic charting (#3128)
- Get the intersection points and labels #3101
- Fixed shp2img not to cause a crash when the map couldn't be loaded
- Fix problem with overflowing shape->index for (most) query modes (#2850)
- Useful error message when PK is missing and data is subselect (#3124)
- Add WMS root Layer metadata support (#3121)
- Fixed build problem of PHP/Mapscript when php is compiled with gd as
a shared extension (#3117)
- Improve safety of srcx/y checks in nearest neighbour raster resampler (#3120)
- Added support for 4d geometry types and oci bind variables for Oracle (#3107)
- Implement SECTION support for the WCS 1.1 GetCapabilities request (#3105)
- Fixed WCS processing when both crs and response_crs are specified (#3083)
- Fixed msFreeMap causing memory corruption in msFreeOutputFormat (#3113)
- Fix WMC XML output when Dimension is used (#3110)
- Enable LOAD_WHOLE_IMAGE processing option by default when rendering
WMS client layer images (#3111).
- add default values for CGI %key% substitutions (#3108)
- fix clipping of polygon shapes in line layers (#3059)
- RFC 51 implementation: XML Mapfiles Format (#2872)
- Fix output for valid WCS 1.1 XML (#3086)
- Avoid double free with postgresql joins. (#2936)
- Don't attempt to project layers given in pixel coordinates
(layer->transform != MS_TRUE) (#3096)
- Modify loading imagery from GDAL to load all bands at once to avoid multiple
passes through pixel interleaved data (mapdrawgdal.c). This is just an
optimization - there should be no change in results or features.
- Modern GDALs clear the config when destroying driver manager. Skip this
call to avoid TLS leakage on cleanup (mapgdal.c).
- Fixed msMSSQL2008LayerGetShape to retrieve proper wkb geometries (#3082)
- Fixed the shape index for the inline layers (#3074)
- Fixed MINDISTANCE not considering label size on lines (#3050)
- Labeling enhancements: ability to repeat labels along a line/multiline (#3030)
- Modified STYLEITEM code to use the new way of rendering thick lines (#3025)
- Fixed template processor to respect layer order. (#2619)
- Add MS_DEBUGLEVEL and MS_ERRORFILE commandline switches for mapserv.c.
- Exposed msMapOffsetExtent, msMapScaleExtent and msMapSetCenter methods
in PHP/Mapscript (#2460)
- Removed ZEND_DEBUG define in PHP/Mapscript (#2717)
- Fixed PHP/Mapscript to support PHP 5.3 (#3065, #3066)
- remove -O optimization flags to configure script if configured
with --enable-debug
- Fixed performance bottleneck when computing a polygon center of gravity for
label point computation. (#3053)
- make WFS numberOfFeatures match maxFeatures if passed (#2907)
- Add logging in layer visibility tests to help users find why layers
don't draw (#3054)
- include PNG libs first (#3046)
- merge graphics branch: RFC54 implementation, cairo rendering (png, svg, pdf),
opengl rendering (non functionnal yet)
- Do pre-emptive test for map.extent/layer.extent interaction (#3043)
- Add centroid geomtransform (#2825)
- Test database connections before using them (#2932)
- Support non-numeric join criteria (#2006)
- Ensure there's enough room in the SQL to hold a long (#1284)
- Fix filter error in multi-clause filters (#2937)
- Fix agg freetype character lookup when no unicode charmap is present (#3018)
- Fix memory leak in SQL building (#2997)
- Fork AGG rendering library in our trunk
- Fixed a memory leak when unescaping quotes in logical expressions (#2938)
- Fixed template code for item, shpxy and extent tags to properly initialize
tag arguments in cases where there are mutiple tags in one chunk of
template (#2990)
- Fix mapogcfilter.c not to cause syntax error if PROJ.4 is not compiled
in (#2987)
- Rework Python MapScript's to be more like Python's to fix
a number of issues including (#2637) and to use mapserver-config
and ditch the old mapscriptvars approach
- Prevent from changing the connection type to MS_RASTER when
setConnectionType(MS_WMS) is used (#2908)
- Improve rounding logic for computing the src_xoff/yoff (#2976)
- Fix filename path processing for raster queries and WCS get coverage so
that non-filesystem filenames are not altered (#2901)
- Improved security relative to untrusted directories and mapfiles (RFC 56)
- Fixed several security issues found in an audit of the CGI
application (#2939, #2941, #2942, #2943, #2944)
- setConnectionType(MS_WMS) doesn't work with mapscript (#2908)
- Perl Mapscript: improvement of imageObj wrapper (#2962)
- Improve control of output resolution (RFC 55, #2948)
- mapraster.c: use GDALOpenShared(), and CLOSE_CONNECTION=DEFERRED (#2815)
- AGG font outline method change (#1243)
- Change mapbit.c bitmask type from char to new 32bit ms_bitarray (#2930)
- Added resolution writing in image files (#2891)
- Try to save resolution values to GeoTIFF via GDAL (#2891)
- Refactor legend icon drawing (remove renderer specific versions)
Add label styling or markers for annotation layer legend icons (#2917)
- Update EXTENT warning message (#2914)
- add support for SRSNAME parameter (#2899)
- add support for resultType (#2907)
- WFS 1.1.0 should use OWS Common 1.0.0 (#2925)
- clean up GEOS init and cleanup functions (#2929)
- add support for disabling SLD (#1395)
- fix to output gml:boundedBy again (#2907)
- fix warning for change in bitmask type (#2930)
- fix time advertising in WMS 1.3.0 (#2935)
- fix SOS blockSeparator output (#3014)
- fix MIME type support (#3020)
Version 5.4.0-beta3 (2009-3-5):
- SLD: Correct crash with large class names (#2915)
- Added Java MapScript WIN64 support (#2250)
- Fixed a problem with long running processes, embedded scalebars/legends
and AGG. (#2887)
- Applied patch to deal with a couple of WCS issues (time ranges, #2487)
and PostGIS tileindex-based time filters (#1856)
- Adding -DUSE_GENERIC_MS_NINT to the WIN64 MapScript builds (#2250)
- Fixed C# the compiler options for MSVC 2008 (#2910)
- Fix build problem with mapogcsld.c when OWS services are not available (#473)
- Fix build on windows (maputil.c)
Version 5.4.0-beta2 (2009-2-25):
- Fixed a problem where default shade symbols (solid fill, no size) were being
scaled and not rendered as expected (related to #2896 I believe)
- Fixed a problem with offset polylines (AGG only) (#2868)
- Generate SLD version 1.1.0 (#473)
- Tracking original geometry type so we can make better decisions on what
positions to use with POSITION AUTO and annotation layers. (#2770)
- Setting up the same size units between the OGR auto-style and the
OGR label attribute binding option (#2900)
- Take better care of the extra items with the inline layers to
prevent from memory corruption (#2870)
- Fixed the compiler options for MSVC 2008 (#2898)
Version 5.4.0-beta1 (2009-2-18):
- restored much of the pre-5.0 capabilities to update a mapfile via URL but in
a more secure manner (RFC44)
- WMS 1.3.0 support added (#473)
- OWS GetCapabilities should skip layers with status == MS_DELETE (#2582)
- Set the default symbol size to 1 instead of 0 (#2896)
- fix WMS LegendURL to print sld_version for 1.3.0 Capabilities (#473)
- add GetSchemaExtension to WMS to support GetStyles in Capabilities XML (#473)
- move xlink declaration to root of WMS 1.3.0 DescribeLayerResponse
- Fixed a scalebar rounding problem causing to draw zero scalebar width (#2890)
- SLD: if it contains a Filter Encoding tag, try to always set the
layer's FILTER element (#2889)
- Add support for rendering INLINE layers with layer attributes (items) (#2870)
- Fix mapserver crash when rendering a query map in HILITE mode
and there are is no STYLE defined (#2803)
- Added projection support to [...ext] tags for template output.
- Removed the error generation when the OGR layer contains no fields (#2883)
- Added enhancements to mapogr.cpp for style annotations (#2879)
- Fixed memory leaks when using msUpdate*FromString methods. (#2857)
- Fixed the problem when removing the attribute binding in mapscript.
- SOS XML validity fixes (#2646)
- add WFS calls for schema resolution (#2646)
- add gml:id to om:Observation (#2646)
- fix some XML validity issues (#2646)
- Fixed endianness issues with wide character strings for ArcSDE (#2878).
Thanks Russell McOrmond
- Fixed WMS request with LAYERS parameter: may cause segmentation fault (#2871)
- fix when layer status = DEFAULT and passing list of layers (#2066)
- Fixed msAddLabel may cause access violation in certain conditions
- Changed base type of labelObj size, minsize and maxsize from int to double (#2766)
- add support for WMS Server title in LAYER object (#885)
- Fixed build problem using --with-gd=static and freetype (#2697)
- RFC49 implementation (#2865)
- Fixed Blobs not filtered in OracleSpatial Attribute/WFS queries (#2829)
- Fixed memory leak of map::setProjection in PHP/MapScript (#2861)
- Fixed "internal PHP GC memory leaks" in PHP/MapScript (#2767)
- Fixed bug with wms layer group hierarchy (#2810)
- Added updateFromString() methods for several objects in PHP/Mapscript (#2298)
- Added ms_newMapObjFromString mapObj constructor in PHP/Mapscript (#2399)
- Add support to compile mssql2008 when SDE or ORACLE is not compiled (#2851)
- Add support for creating debug builds for the plugins on Windows
- Correct half pixel error in WMS layer's BBOX request to remote WMS (#2843)
- Expose Map/Layer's Projection objects in PHP/MapScript (#2845)
- Added getUnits() methods to projectionObj in Mapscript (#2798)
- Improved Tag parsing in template code. (#2781)
- Added hashtable object and metadata methods for php-mapscript (#2773)
- mappostgis.c: Fix trailing spaces in fixed varchar fields (#2817)
- RFC48 implementation: GEOMTRANSFORM on styleObj (#2825)
- mapwms.c: cleanup warnings with recent gcc versions (#2822)
- mapogcsos.c: Cleanup warning and error messages
- mapagg.cpp: Fix center of rotation for truetype marker symbols
- mapowscommon.c: use msLibXml2GenerateList to generate listed XML elements
- mapowscommon.c: output version string correctly (#2821)
- Added removeLayer function to mapObj in PHP/MapScript. (#762)
- Exposed PIXELS value via URL configuration
- Add Support for SLD TextSymbolizer HALO and ANGLE (#2806)
- IGNORE_MISSING_DATA: largely replaced by run-time CONFIG property,
ON_MISSING_DATA, which supports three modes: FAIL, LOG, and IGNORE.
(#2785) ms-rfc-47.txt
- mapstring.c: msStringTrim(*char str), front-and-back whitespace trimmer
- mappostgis.c: re-write to remove binary cursors and break up
logic into smaller parts, add support for maxfeatures
- mapogcfilter.c: increase array size (code was assigning to out
of bounds subscript)
- MapScript: Added getBinding method to label and style object (#2670)
- mapowscommon.c: use strcasecmp to check for language value
- raster query fix for tileindex with relative paths (#2722)
- Fixed msOGRGetValues function to return default values if the object
type is not TEXT. (#2311)
- Fix for the access violation caused by msMSSQL2008LayerGetShape (#2795)
- Fixed msMSSQL2008LayerGetItems to retrieve the column names properly (#2791)
- Prevent from calling msMSSQL2008CloseConnection from msMSSQL2008LayerClose
causing memory corruption issues (#2790)
- new polygon label placement algorithm (#2793)
- stop drawing an artificial outline around polygons to ensure
continuity - users needing this feature will have to explicitely
add an outlinecolor of the same color as the fill color
- added formatoption QUANTIZE_NEW to force going through the pngquant
quantization algorithm instead of the GD one for imagemode RGB (the
GD one can be kind of buggy)
- fix some integer rounding errors in the agg line offseter (#2659)
- fix a bug with shapes with duplicate end points. was causing nans
in the angle follow placement code (#2695)
- refactor msGetLabelSizeEx (now merged with msGetLabelSize) (#2390)
- native label size computation for AGG when using angle follow (#2357)
- memory leak in msInsertLayer, from Ned Harding (#2784)
- label size computation refactoring (#2390)
- don't draw label background if we're using angle follow. (#2726)
- legend keyimage resampling with agg (#2715)
- tileindexed rasters when DATA is manipulated via mapscript work (#2783)
- styleObj width now supports attribute binding
- RFC40 implementation: label text wrapping and alignment (#2383)
- baseline adjustment for multiline labels (#1449)
- Added support to access to the labelObj OUTLINEWIDTH property in
- PHP paste image should also work with AGG (#2682)
- Fixed bug when QUERYMAP hilite color is set and the shape's color in a
layer is from a data source (#2769)
- Decoupled AUTO label placement from the positions enum in mapserver.h. Added
explicit case for POLYGON layers where CC is the default and then we try UC,
LC, CL and CR. (#2770)
- Changed base type of styleObj size and width from int to double (#2766)
- Correct allocation error in mapmssql2008.c
- Add possibility to use a full resolution setting for svg output (#1706)
- Fixed GetFeature through tileindex bug: the tileindex of the shape found
wasn't set properly in the resultcache object. (#2359)
- Removed comma to correct WCS 1.1 Coverages formatting in payload directory.
- Correct bug when LABEL_NO_CLIP in combination with minfeaturesize (#2758)
- Fix a label size computation for AGG bug when scalefactor is used (#2756)
- various SOS updates for CITE compliance (#2646)
- Added support for static linking with the lib gd in configure
script (#2696)
- Support OpenLayer's ol:opacity extension to OGC Web Map Context docs (#2746)
- Added MS_VERSION_NUM for use with #if statements in code based on
libmapserver (#2750)
- Fixed the configure script: failed to detect php5 on ubuntu. (#2365)
- Fixed a memory leak associated with not deleting the lexer buffer
before parsing certain types of strings. (#2729)
- Added legend graphics for layer of type annotation
for the AGG and GD renderer (#1523)
- Masking the out-of-range characters to avoid the crash
in the AGG renderer (#2739)
- Accept WMS requests in which the optional SERVICE parameter is missing.
A new test was incorrectly added in 5.2.0 that resulted in the error
"Incomplete WFS request: SERVICE parameter missing" when the SERVICE
parameter was missing in WMS requests in which the SERVICE parameter is
optional (#2737)
- Support for the MapInfo style zoom layering option (#2738)
- Implement Equals and GetHashCode properly for the mapscript C# classes
- Expose msConnectLayer to the SWIG mapscript interface with a new
layerObj.setConnectionType() method that should be used instead of
setting the layerObj.connectiontype directly (#2735)
- SLD: when creating well known symbols on the fly the pen-up value
used should be -99.
- SWF: Button names reflects the layer id and shape id (#2691)
- Support reading projection parameter for OGC filters (#2712)
- Several enhancements to STYLEITEM AUTO support for labels (#2708) and
TTF symbols (#2721) in OGR layers
- Expose special attributes OGR:LabelText, OGR:LAbelAngle, OGR:LabelSize
and OGR:LabelColor to MapScript getShape() calls (#2719)
Version 5.2.0 (2008-07-16):
- mapfile.c: Fixed a bug that prevented using named symbols via URL
configuration. (#2700)
Version 5.2.0-rc1 (2008-07-09):
- mapowscommon.c: fix support multiple namespaces (#2690)
- Fix OGC simple filters on SDE layers (#2685)
- wfs11 getcapabilities: correct memory corruption (#2686)
- Allow building against Curl 7.10.6 and older which lack CURLOPT_PROXYAUTH
option required for *_proxy_auth_type metadata (#571)
- Avoid fatal error when creating new ShapeFileObj with MapScript (#2674)
- Fixed problem with WMS INIMAGE exceptions vs AGG output formats (#2438)
- mapshape.c: Fixed integer pointer math being applied to uchars (#2667)
- Fixed seg fault with saveImage() in PHP MapScript due to #2673 (#2677)
- Fixed configure error related to new fribidi2 pkg-config support (#2664)
- Fixed windows build problem (#2676)
- Fix raster query bounds problem (#2679)
Version 5.2.0-beta4 (2008-07-02):
- Added support in configure script for pkg-config for fribidi2 (#2664)
- Added more debug/tuning output to mapserv and shp2img at debug level 2 (#2673)
- maptemplate.c: removed extra line feeds from mime header output. (#2672)
- mapresample.c: fix for bug 2540 when using raster resampling and AGG.
- mapsde.c: Check at compile time that we have SE_connection_test_server,
which appears to only be available for ArcSDE 9+ (#2665).
- mapshape.c: restore old behavior of tiled shapes relative to shapepath
with new behavior for when shapepath is undefined (#2369)
- maputil.c: fix a bug for offset lines with agg, when the first segment
was horizontal (#2659)
- mapraster.c: fix for tiled rasters with relative shape paths defined,
from dfurhy (#2369)
- maptemplate.c: fixed a problem with extent tags with _esc extension not
working (#2666)
Version 5.2.0-beta3 (2008-06-26):
- mapsde.c: processing option added to allow using fully qualified names
for attributes (#2423).
- mapsde.c: Test for an active connection before closing it (#2498).
- mapdraw.c: Fixed issue where path following labels were not being drawn
if FORCEd. (#2600)
- mapshape.c: Applied patch to make the location of tiled data relative to the
tileindex directory if SHAPEPATH is not set. (#2369)
- maptemplate.c: Fixed issues in RFC 36 implementation that prevented mapscript
mapObj->processQueryTemplate() method from working.
- WMS/WFS: extend warning message (#1396)
- WFS: Respect units for the DWhitin parameter (#2297)
- WFS: correct OGC Contains filter (#2306)
- WMS: set srsName correctly for GetFeatureInfo (#2502)
- SOS: detect invalid time strings (#2560)
- SOS: more srsName support (#2558)
- mapserv.c, maptemplate.c: fixed problem with arguments to msGenerateImages(). (#2655)
- WMS: produce warning if layer extent is null (#1396)
- WFS: project LatLongBoundingBox if required (#2579)
- SOS: generate error for some invalid filters (#2604)
- SLD: Use style's width paramater when generating sld (#1192)
Version 5.2.0-beta2 (2008-06-18):
- mapogcsos.c: support invalid procedure in GetObservation (#2561)
- Fixed possible buffer overrun with Oracle Spatial driver (#2572)
- mapogcsos.c: support srsName in GetObservation (#2414)
- Filter Encoding: Modify DWithin definition (#2564)
- Added webObj legendformat and browseformat mapping in PHP MapScript (#2309)
- Removed static buffer size limit in msIO_*printf() functions (#2214)
- Fixed libiconv detection in configure for OSX 10.5 64 bit (#2396)
- mapstring.c: possible buffer overflow in msGetPath (#2649)
- maputil.c: Correct expression evaluation with text containing
apostrophes (#2641)
- mapwfs.c: Possibly generate an error message when applying filter
encoding (#2444)
- Added MS_LABEL_BINDING constants for SWIG MapScript (#2643)
- mapogcsos.c: fix POST support (#2379)
- maplibxml2.c: helper functions XML POST fix (#2379)
- mapwfs.c: fix segfault when srsName is not passed on BBOX Filter (#2644)
- mapwfs.c: do not return error for empty query results (#2444)
- Remove C++-style comments and most other warnings thrown by -pedantic (#2598)
- mapwfs.c/mapwfs11.c: set GML MIME type correctly
- mapogcsos.c: advertise supported SRS list via
MAP.WEB.METADATA.sos_srs (#2414)
- mapwfs.c: set layer extent to map extent for default
GetFeature requests with no spatial predicates (#1287)
Version 5.2.0-beta1 (2008-06-11):
- WMS/WFS layers can now specify a proxy servert (#571)
- mapwmslayer.c: set QUERY_LAYERS correctly (#2001)
- mapwcs.c: handle PARAMETER values correctly (#2509)
- SOS: fix various memory leaks (#2412)
- mapwcs.c: advertise temporal support in GetCapabilities (#2487)
- Fixed flaw in findTag() in maptemplate.c that prevented multiple tags
on the same line being processed under certain conditions. (#2633)
- Return results even when extents are missing (#2420)
- Avoid displaying OGR connection strings in error messages (#2629)
- WCS: respect wcs_name metadata for GetCoverage and DescribeCoverage
requests (#2036)
- CGI: added -nh option to allow for the suppression of content headers from
the command line (#2594)
- PostGIS: fix postgis idle-in-transaction problem (#2626)
- AGG: enable ellipse symbol rotation for POINT/ANNOTATION layers (#2617)
- RFC36: add more extensions to support templates (#2576)
- AGG: allow dashed hatch symbols (#2614)
- AGG: enable offset lines of type x -99 (#2588)
- AGG: use an agg specific label size calculation function where
possible (#2357)
- mapogcsld.c: fetch TextSymbolizer/Label/ogc:PropertyName correctly (#2611)
- Don't ignore .qix file when DATA reference includes .shp extension (#590)
- CGI able to alter layers with space and underscores (#2516)
- WFS Multipoint query with PostGIS bug fixed (#2443)
- Tiling API (RFC 43) mode=tile, tilemode=spheremerc, tile=x y zoom (#2581)
- Remove C++-style comments and most other warnings thrown by -pedantic (#2598)
- Fix PostGIS transaction behavior in fcgi situations (#2497, #2613)
- Improve performance for large shape files (#2282)
- encode WMS parameters correctly (#1296)
- Added alignment option within a scalebar (#2468)
- RFC-42 HTTP Cookie Forwarding (#2566)
- Fixed handling of encrypted connection strings in postgis driver (#2563)
- mapagg.cpp: AGG: add opacity at the style level (#1155)
- mapwms.c: add Cache-Control max-age HTTP header support (#2551)
- mapogcsos.c: support URI encoded procedures correctly (#2547)
- Added support for EMPTY template with WMS GetFeatureInfo (#546)
- Throw an exception if the WCS request does not overlap layer (#2503)
- Acquire TLOCK_PROJ for pj_transform() calls (#2533).
- Fixed problem with large imagemaps generating no output (#2526)
- mapwms.c: make version optional for GetCapabilities again (#2528)
- support URN scheme for components of observed property elements (#2522)
- Fixed gdImagePtr gdPImg memory leak in msSaveImageBufferGD() (#2525)
- mapogcsos.c: handle invalid POST requests (#2521)
- mapogcsos.c: handle ACCEPTVERSIONS parameter (#2515)
- mapwcs.c/mapwcs11.c: s/neighbour/neighbor/g (#2518)
- mapwms.c: relax FORMAT parameter restrictions for GetFeatureInfo (#2517)
- mapwcs.c: support COVERAGE lists for DescribeCoverage (#2508)
- mapwcs.c: fix lonLatEnvelope/@srsName (#2507)
- mapwcs.c: omit VendorSpecificCapabilities (#2506)
- mapwcs.c: test for either resx/resy OR width/height (#2505)
- mapwcs.c: make GetCoverage demand one of TIME or BBOX (#2504)
- mapwms.c: make GetLegendGraphic listen to TRANSPARENT in OUTPUTFORMAT (#2494)
- OWS: support updatesequence (#2384)
- mapwms.c: test VERSION after service=WMS (#2475)
- OWS: output Capabilities XML updateSequence if set (#2384)
- mapwcs.c: better handling of REQUEST parameter (#2490)
- mapwcs.c: point to correct exception schema (#2481)
- mapows.c: add version negotiation (#996)
- mapwfs.c: return default GML2 when invalid OUTPUTFORMAT passed (#2479)
- mapowscommon.c: add OWS Common style version negotiation (#996)
- mapwcs.c: better section parameter handling for CITE (#2485)
- mapwfs.c: point to the correct schema for exceptions (#2480)
- shp2img.c/shp2pdf.c: clean up usage text, check for invalid layers (#2066)
- completed implementation of RFC24 (#2442, #2032)
- mapwcs.c: require VERSION parameter for DescribeCoverage and
GetCoverage (#2473)
- mapwcs.c: change error token to MS_WCSERR instead of MS_WMSERR (#2474)
- mapwcs.c: set exception MIME type to application/vnd.ogc.se_xml
for 1.0.0 (#2470)
- mapwcs.c: Generate a decently formatted exception if an WCS XML POST request
is received (#2476).
- mapowscommon.c: support OWS Common 1.1.0 as well (#2071)
- mapogcsos.c: support SOS 1.0.0 (#2246)
- Implement mapObj.setCenter, mapObj.offsetExtent, mapObj.scaleExtent,
rectObj.getCenter at the SWIG API (#2346)
- mapogcfilter.c: use USE_LIBXML2 in ifdefs (#2416)
- clean up naming conventions of Shapefile API (#599)
- use msComputeBounds() instead, since it's already in the codebase (#2087)
- set shapeObj bounds from WKT (#2087)
- fixed issue where path following labels sometimes used the supplied
setting for position. In all cases with ANGLE FOLLOW we want to force
position MS_CC regardless of what is set in the mapfile.
- enforce (-99 -99) to be the penup value for vector symbols (#1036)
- Support for labeling features (polygon & line) prior to clipping. This
results in stable label positions regardless of map extent. (#2447)
- Support for quantization and forced palette png output with RGBA images
- SLD using a single BBOX filter should generate an SQL ststement for
oracle/postgis/ogr (#2450)
- Accurate Calculation of legend size for WMS LegendURL (#2435)
- Converted mapogr.cpp to use OGR C API instead of C++ classes to allow
GDAL/OGR updates without having to recompile MapServer (#545, #697)
- add missing space on dashed polygon outlines with svg (#2429)
- Restored behavior of MS 4.10 and made WMS STYLES parameter optional
again in GetMap and GetFeatureInfo requests (#2427)
- Speed up forced palette rendering (#2422)
- WMS GetFeatureInfo: honour FEATURE_COUNT for any INFO_FORMAT and
apply the FEATURE_COUNT per layer instead of globally (#2423, #1686)
- enable soft outlines on truetype labels. This is triggered with a new
keyword OUTLINEWIDTH for the LABEL block (#2417)
- fix clipping rectangle to take width as well as size into account (#2411)
- AGG: added and use a line and polygon adaptor to avoid copying shapeObj
points to an agg path_storage. avoids a few mallocs and a few copies.
- fixed symbolsetObj not to set the SWIG immutable flag permanently
don't expose refcount and the symbol attributes (Ticket #2407)
- fix for support of entity encoded text in angle follow text (#2403)
- AGG: initial support for native computation of label sizes (#2357)
- AGG: support text symbols specified by their character number (#2398)
- AGG: fix angle orientation for various symbols
- allow scientific notation for attributes binded to an int (#2394)
- merge GD and AGG label cache drawing functions (#2390)
- Enable AGG rendering of bitmap font labels instead of falling back to
GD (#2387)
- clean up treatment of encoding and wrap caracter
- Fix legend label placement for multiline labels (#2382)
- enforce WRAP parameter in legend label (#2382)
- AGG: pixel level simplification for line and polygon shapes (#2381)
- fixed blue/green color swapping for space delimited strings bound to an
attribute. (bug 2378)
- don't remove points that are checked as being colinear (#2366)
- add initial(?) support for reading a pie chart's size from an
attribute (#2136)
- don't bail out in map parsing if the outputformat had to be modified
(bug #2321)
- use a renderer agnostic legend icon drawing function which switches
to the GD or AGG specific one depending on the outputformat (#2348)
- AGG: switch alpha buffer when drawing query layer
- Fixed legend icons not drawing when using maxscaledenom
- AGG: fix embedded scalebar rendering when using postlabelcache (#2327)
- AGG: allow for fast and aliased rendering of simple lines and polygons
thick lines and patterns (i.e. dashes)aren't supported.
this is triggered when the symbol is of TYPE SYMBOL *and* its ANTIALIAS
is off (wating to find a better solution to trigger this).
- AGG: the pixmap of pixmap symbols is now cached in an agg-compatible state
the first time it is accessed. this avoids rereading and retransforming
it each time that symbol is used.
- AGG: the imageObj now stores in what state it's alpha channel is in. The
number ofmsAlphaGD2AGG/AGG2GD calls is now reduced, but most importantly
each of these calls is usually just a check for this state and does
no computation.
- AGG: fixed a few artifacts in embedded legend rendering on rgba images.
- Fixed modulus operator in the parser (#2323)
- maprasterquery.c: Fix crash when queryies on done on raster layers with
no styles (#2343)
- maprasterquery.c: Modify msRASTERLayerOpen() to create a defaulted raster
layer info if there isn't one, to avoid the errors about open only being
supported after a query. Also wipe the raster layer info in case of
an empty result set, or failures of a query to reduce likelyhood of
leaking the raster layer info.
- Improve out of memory handling in mapdrawgdal.c, and mapgd.c. (#2351)
- Improve configuration logic for fastcgi (#2355).
- WMS: image/wbmp should be image/vnd.wap.wbmp (#2360)
- SOS: support maxfeatures for GetObservation requests (#2353)
- mapdraw.c,mapquery.c: Reset layer->project flag for each full layer drawing
or query so that need to reproject will be reconsidered (#673).
- PHP MapScript: fix for getStdoutBufferString() and getStdoutBufferBytes()
functions on win32 (#2401)
- mapowscommon.c: fix namespace leak issues (#2375)
- mapogcsos.c: add SWE DataBlock support (#2248)
- mapogcsos.c: fix build warnings, namespace and schema pointers (#2248)
- mappdf.c: support output in fastcgi case via msIO_fwrite() (#2406)
- mapogcsos.c: Initial support for POST requests (#2379) and updated
msSOSDispatch() handling
- mapogr.cpp: Use pooling api to ensure per-thread sharing of connections
only (#2408)
- mapogcsos.c: change substituted variable from sensorid to procedure (#2409)
- maplibxml2.c: Initial implementation of libxml2 convenience functions
- configure: Modified so libxml2 support is requested for WCS and SOS,
and is indicated by USE_LIBXML2 definition. Use @ALL_ENABLED@ in
DEFINEs and mapscriptvars generation.
- mapresample.c: Fixed support for multi-band data in RAW mode for bilinear
and nearest neighbour resamplers (#2364).
- mapdraw.c: Improve error reporting if a raster layer requested in
a query map (#1842).
- mapfile.c: add simple urn:ogc:def:crs:OGC::CRS84 support.
Version 5.0.0 (2007-09-17)
- AGG: Fix angle computation for truetype marker symbols on lines (#2316)
- Fix support for bilinear resampling of raster data with AGG (#2303)
Version 5.0.0-rc2 (2007-09-10)
- Prevent seg fault in msWMSLoadGetMapParams when request is missing (#2299)
- Fixed calculation of scale in PHP MapScript mapObj.zoomScale() (#2300)
- Fixed conflict between runtime substitution validation and qstring
- Fixed agg configure logic (now should work with --with-agg alone) (#2295)
- Fixed interleaving of multi-band results for raster query (#2294).
Version 5.0.0-rc1 (2007-09-05)
- Fixed "MinFeatureSize AUTO" labeling for polygon layers, works for polygon
annotation layers too (#2232)
- Fixed path following labels with short (2/3 character) strings (#2223)
- AGG fix a bug when rendering polygons with tiled pixmaps
- Added requirement to provide validation pattern for cgi-based attribute
queries using the layer metadata key 'qstring_validation_pattern' (#2286)
- Fixed msDebug causing a crash with VS2005 (#2287)
- Added stronger checks on libpdf version in configure script (#2278)
- Added msGetVersionInt() to MapScript (ms_GetVersionInt() in PHP) (#2279)
- _isnan prototype for MSVC builds from <float.h> #2277
- AGG: Fix a bug when rendering brushed lines with vector or pixmap symbols
(artifacts could appear on outline)
- AGG: Adjust symbol height when brushing a line with a vector symbol so that
the line width isn't truncated
- Only include process.h on win32 (non-cygwin) systems, moved from
maptemplate.h to mapserver.h. (#2276)
Version 5.0.0-beta6 (2007-08-29)
- Fixed problem with outline of polygons rendered twice with OGR
STYLEITEM AUTO and AGG output (#2271)
- Fixed problem compiling with only WMS/WFS client but none of the
WMS, WFS, WCS or SOS server options enabled (#2272)
- Fixed buffer overflow in handling of WMS SRS=AUTO:... (#1824)
- AGG: render thick lines and polygon outlines with round caps and joins
by default
- Typo in mapfile writing (#2267)
- Fixed mapping of class->keyimage in PHP MapScript (#2268)
- Look for libagg under lib64 subdir as well in configure (#2265)
- AGG: revert previous optimizations. now use caching of the rendering object
to avoid the re-creation of some structures each time a shape is drawn
- AGG: optimizations for faster rendering. we now do not initialize the font
cache when no text is to be rendered
- AGG: fixed rendering of polygons with holes (#2264)
- AGG - raster layers: fix typo in mapresample.c that produced random
background colors when using OFFSITE (#2263)
- AGG: Fix a bug when rendering tiled polygons with truetype, pixmap or
vector symbols (usually only affected bright colors)
- Avoid passing null to msInsertHashTable in processLegendTemplate
when or not specified (#2261)
- Fixed problems with fonts in PDF output (#2142)
- AGG: smooth font shadows
Version 5.0.0-beta5 (2007-08-22)
- Fixed XSS vulnerabilities (#2256)
- Allow building with AGG from source when libaggfontfreetype is missing.
configure --with-agg=DIR now automatically tries to build
agg_font_freetype.o from source if libaggfontfreetype is missing (#2215)
- Fixed possible buffer overflow in template processing (#2252)
- fix blending of transparent layers with RGBA images
- AGG: speed up rendering of pixmap marker symbols
- Implement OGR thread-safety via use of an OGR lock (#1977).
- Fixed compile warnings (#2226)
- Fixed mappdf.c compile warnings, PDF support was probably unusable
before that fix (#2251)
- Adding -DUSE_GENERIC_MS_NINT to the WIN64 builds (#2250)
- Adding msSaveImageBuffer and use that function from the mapscript
library instead of the renderer specific functions. (#2241)
- Split each format into it's own <formats> element in WCS describe
coverage results (#2244).
- Support to run the mapscript c# examples on x64 platform (#2240)
- Fixed problem introduced in 5.0.0-beta4: all HTML legend icons were
empty white images (#2243)
- Fixed WMS Client to always send STYLES parameter with WMS GetMap
requests (#2242)
- Fixed support for label encoding in SVG output (#2239)
- Added support for label encoding in legend (#2239)
- Fixed PHP MapScript layer->queryByAttributes() to not accept empty or
null qitem arg (#480)
- AGG: fixed incorrect rendering of pixmaps on MSB architectures (#2235)
- Added layer.getFeature() in PHP MapScript with optional tileindex arg,
and deprecated layer.getShape() to match what we had in SWIG (#900)
- Added class.getTextString() and deprecated/renamed class.getExpression()
and layer.getFilter() to class.getExpressionString() and
layer.getFilterString() to match what we have in SWIG MapScript (#1892)
Version 5.0.0-beta4 (2007-08-15)
- Updated msImageCreateAGG to only allow RGB or RGBA pixel models (#2231)
- Fixed problem with symbol.setImagePath() when file doesn't exist (#1962)
- Python MapScript failures (#2230)
- msInsertLayer should not free the incoming layer anymore (#2229)
- Include only parsed in the first mapfile (#2021)
- Incorrect lookup of symbol in symbolset (#2227)
- Mapfile includes and MapScript (#2089)
- Fixed alignment of GetLegendGraphic output when mapfile contains no
legend object (#966)
- Fixed seg. fault when generaing HTML legend for raster layers with no
classes (#2228). The same issue was also causing several Chameleon apps
using HTML legend to seg fault (#2218)
- Do not use case sensitive searches in string2list, which is used
for msWhichItems (#2067)
- Ensure that we can write AGG images with Python MapScript's write() method
- Support unicode attributes for ArcSDE 9.2 and above (#2225)
- GD: Truetype line symbolization should follow line orientation only
if GAP is <=0
- AGG: Added truetype symbolization for lines and polygons
- AGG: Draw an outline of size 1 of the fill color around polygons if an
outlinecolor isn't specified (avoids faint outline)
- Added summary of options at end of configure output (#1966)
- Updated configure script to detect and require GEOS 2.2.2+ (#1896)
- Renamed --enable-coverage configure option to --enable-gcov to avoid
confusion with WCS or Arc/Info coverages (#2217)
- Fixed --enable-gcov (formerly --enable-coverage) option to work with (#2216)
- check for OGR support in if SLD is used (#1998)
- msWMSLoadGetMapParams: fixed handling of required parameters (#1088)
- if any of srs, bbox, format, width, height are NOT found, throw exception
- if styles AND sld are NOT found, throw an exception
- NOTE: this may cause issues with some existing clients who do not pass
required parameters
Version 5.0.0-beta3 (2007-08-08)
Known issues:
- This beta contains significant improvements and fixes on the AGG
rendering front. However some build issues remain on some platforms.
Please see ticket #2215 if building with AGG support doesn't work with
the default configure script:
Bug fixes:
- mapagg.cpp rewrite - the AGG renderer should now support all the GD features
- Use AGG when requested for drawing the legend
- Fixed problems with very large HTML legends producing no output (#1946)
- Use OGR-specific destructors for objects that have them rather than
'delete' (#697)
- Include style-related info in HTML legend icon filenames to solve issues with
caching of icons when the class or style params are changed (#745)
- Fixed issues with wms_layer_group metadata in WMS GetCapabilities (#2122)
- Use msSaveImageBufferAGG for AGG formats in getBytes (#2205).
- Make sure to emit $(AGG) to mapscriptvars because of conditional inclusion
of stuct members to imageObj. (#2205)
- Make imageextra field in imageObj not conditional (not #ifdef'ed) (#2205)
- AGG/PNG and AGG/JPEG are the only valid agg drivers.
Imagetypes aggpng24 and aggjpeg can be used to refer to the
default output formats. (#2195)
- Fix memory leak with labepath object (#2199)
- Fix memory leak msImageTruetypePolyline (#2200)
- SWF: Fix incorrect symbol assignements (#2198)
- Fixed memory leaks in processing of WFS requests (#2077)
- Avoid use of uninitialised memory in msCopySymbol() (#2194)
Version 5.0.0-beta2 (2007-08-01)
- Oracle Spatial: Fixed some issues related with the maporaclespatial.c
source code: warnings with calls in gcc 4.x versions (#1845), gtype
translation error, generating memory problem (#2056), problems with items
allocation (#1961 and #1736), and some memory-leaks errors (#1662).
- AGG: Fixed a significant number of rendering issues including conflicts with
OPACITY ALPHA and ANTIALIAS TRUE settings w/regards to polygon fills. Fixed
ellipse and vector markers. Fixed AGG/GD alpha channel conflicts by writing
conversion to/from functions. (#2191-partial, #2173, #2177)
- SOS: Turn layer off if eventTime is not in the sos_offering_timeextent
- WFS: Correct bugs related to query by featureid support (#2102)
- WMS: Add svg as a supported format for GetMap request (#1347)
- WMS: Correct WMS time overriding Filter paramter (#1261)
- Fix problem with LUT scaling ranges with explicit value for 255 (#2167).
- WCS: Fixed resampling/reprojecting for tileindex datasets (#2180)
- Fixed formatting of configure --help (#2182)
- Fixed AGG configure option to use 'test -f' instead of 'test -e' which
doesn't work on Solaris (#2183)
- Fixed mapwms.c to support selecting AGG/ outputformats via FORMAT=.
- Removed unused styleObj.isachild member (#2169)
Version 5.0.0-beta1 (2007-07-25)
New features in 5.0:
- MS RFC 19: Added Style and Label attribute binding
- MS RFC 21: Raster Color Correction via color lookup table
- MS RFC 27: Added label priority
- MS RFC 29: Added dynamic charting (pie and bar charts)
- MS RFC 31: New mechanism to load/set objects via URL using mapfile syntax
- MS RFC 32: Added support for map rendering using the AGG library for
better output quality
Long time issues resolved in 5.0:
- MS RFC 17: Use dynamic allocation for symbols, layers, classes and styles
(got rid of the static limit on the number of instances of each in a map)
- MS RFC 24: Improved memory management and garbage collection for MapScript
- MS RFC 26: Terminology cleanup (layer transparency renamed to opacity,
scale becomes scaledenom, symbol style becomes symbol pattern)
- MS RFC 28: Enhanced the debug/logging mechanism to facilitate
troubleshooting and tuning applications. Added support for multiple
debug levels and more control on output location.
Other fixes/enhancements in this beta:
- Upgrade Filter encoding to use geos and support all missing operators (#2105)
- Use of static color Palette support for gd output (#2096)
- MapServer's main header file map.h has been renamed mapserver.h (#1437)
- A mapserver-config script has been created
- Single and double quotes escaping in string expressions used by FILTER.
(Resolves tickets #2123 and #2141)
- SLD: Support of Graphic Stroke for a Linesymbolizer (#2139)
- GD : draw symbols along a line using pixmap symbols (#2121)
- SVG : Polygons should not be filled if color is not given (#2055)
- WMS : fixed request with a BBOX and and SLD containing Filter
encoding (2079)
- SWF : use highlight color from querymap (2074)
- Support for embedding manifests as resources for the VS2005 builds.
(ticket #2048)
- Changed OGRLayerGetAutoStyle not to pass NULL pointer to GetRGBFromString
causing access violation (bug 1950).
- Fix SDE returning the row_id_column multiple times (bug 2040).
- Fix text outline bug. (bug 2027)
- Improve error reporting when OWS services are requested but the support
is not compiled in. (bug 2025)
- Fix support for OFFSITE for simple greyscale rasters (bug 2024).
- [SLD] : Error on last class in raster class names based on the ColorMapEntry
(bug 1844)
- [Filter Encoding] : Check if Literal value in Filter is empty (bug 1995)
- [SLD] : Else filters are now generated at the end of classes (bug 1925)
- Enabled setting of a layer tileindex (e.g. map_layername_tileindex) via the
CGI program. (bug 1992)
- Added feature to the CGI to check runtime substitutions against patterns
defined in layer metadata. (bug 1918)
- Exposed label point computation to mapscript (bug 1979)
- [SLD]: use the url as symbol name for external symbols (bug 1985)
- [SLD] : support of mixing static text with column names (bug 1857)
- maperror.c: fix for wrapping long in image errors, thanks to Chris
Schmidt (bug 1963)
- maperror.c: fix closing of stderr/stdout after writing error msg (bug 1970)
- Preliminary implementation of RFC 21 (Raster Color Correction).
- [SLD] : when reading an SLD, sequence of classes was reversed (Bug 1925)
- Fixed a bug with SDE capability requests where we were double
freeing because sde->row_id_column wasn't set to NULL in msSDELayerOpen
- [OGC:SOS] : Fixed bugs realted to metadata and xml output
(1731, 1739, 1740, 1741). Fixed bug with large xml output (bug 1938)
- fixed performance problem in raster reprojection (bug 1944)
- added msOWSGetLanguage function in mapows.c/h (bug 1955)
- added mapowscommon.c/mapowscommon.h and updated mapogcsos.c to use
mapowscommon.c functions (bug 1954)
- added more Perl mapscript examples in mapscript/perl/examples/, most
of which exemplify recently added GEOS functionality
- php_mapscript.c: Fixed setRotation() method to check for MS_SUCCESS, not
MS_TRUE (bug 1968)
- mapobject.c: Fixed msMapSetExtent() to avoid trying to calcuate the
scale if the map size hasn't been set yet (bug 1968)
- mapobject.c: ensure msMapComputeGeotransform() returns MS_FAILURE, not
MS_FALSE (bug 1968)
- mapdraw.c: Actually report that we aren't configure with wms client
support if that is why we can't draw a layer.
- mapows.c: fixed XML error (bug 2070)
- mapwms.c: Fixed text/plain output duplicate (bug 1379)
- mapwms.c: Attribution element output in GetCapabilities only 1.0.7 and
higher (bug 2080)
- mapwms.c: UserDefinedSymbolization element output in GetCapabilities
only 1.0.7 and higher (bug 2081)
- mapwms.c: GetLegendGraphic and GetStyles only appear in 1.1.1 and
higher responses (bug 1826)
- mapwcs.c:
- msWCSDescribeCoverage: throw Exception if Coverage doesn't exist (bug 649)
- msWCSException: updated as per WCS 1.0 Appendix A.6
- mapogcsos.c: Added ability to output gml:id via MAP/LAYER/METADATA
ows/sos/gml_featureid (bug 1754)
- mapcontext.c: Added ogc namespace (#2002)
- Note that starting with this release the source code is now managed
in Subversion (SVN) instead of CVS and we have migrated from bugzilla
to Trac for bug tracking.
Version 4.10.0 (2006-10-04)
- No source code changes since 4.10.0-rc1
Known issues in 4.10.0:
- PHP5 not detected properly on Mandriva Linux (bug 1923)
- Mapfile INCLUDE does not work with relative paths on Windows (bug 1880)
- Curved labels don't work with multibyte character encodings (bug 1921)
- Quotes in DATA or CONNECTION strings produce parsing errors (bug 1549)
Version 4.10.0-RC1 (2006-09-27)
- SLD: quantity values for raster sld can be float values instead of just
being integer
- Hiding labelitemindex, labelsizeitemindex, labelangleitemindex
from the SWIG interface (bug 1906)
- Fixed computation of geotransform to match BBOX (to edges of image) not
map.extent (to center of edge pixels). (bug 1916)
- mapraster.c: Use msResampleGDALToMap() for "upside down" images. (bug 1904)
Version 4.10.0-beta3 (2006-09-06)
- Web Map Context use format metadata when formatlist not available. (bug 1723)
- Web Map Context boolean values true/false now interpreted. (bug 1692)
msShapeFromWKT() when going through OGR (i.e. GEOS disabled) (bug 1891)
- Fixed MapScript getExpressionString() that was failing on expressions
longer that 256 chars (SWIG) and 512 chars (PHP). (bug 1428)
- WMSSLD: use Title of Rule if Name not present (bug 1889)
- Fixed syntax error (for visual c++) in mapimagemap.c.
- Fixed mapgeos.c problems with multipoint and multilinestring WKT (bug 1897).
- Implemented translation via OGR to WKT for multipoint, multiline and
multipolygon (bug 1618)
Version 4.10.0-beta2 (2006-08-28)
- Applied patch supplied by Vilson Farias for extra commas with imagemap
output (bug 760).
- Fixed possible heap overflow with oversized POST requests (bug 1885)
- Set ./lib and ./include properly for MING support (bug 1866)
- More robust library checking on OSX (bug 1867)
- Removed mpatrol support (use valgrind instead for something
similar and less intrusive). (bug 1883)
- Added mapserver compilation flags to the SWIG c# command line (bug 1881)
- Fix OSX shared library options for PHP (bug 1877).
- Added setSymbolByName to styleObj for the SWIG mapscript in order to
set both the symbol and the symbolname members (bug 1835)
- Generate ogc filters now outputs the ocg name space (bug 1863)
- Don't return a WCS ref in WMS DescribeLayer responses when layer type is
CONNECTIONTYPE WMS (cascaded WMS layers not supported for WCS) (bug 1874)
- Correct partly the problem of translating regex to ogc:Literal (bug 1644)
- has been shutdown, use
instead as the default schema repository for OGC services (bug 1873)
- MIGRATION_GUIDE.TXT has been created to document backwards incompatible
changes between 4.8 and 4.10
- Modify mapgd.c to use MS_NINT_GENERIC to avoid rounding issues. (bug 1716)
- added --disable-fast-nint configure directive (bug 1716)
- Fixed php_mapscript Windows build that was broken in beta1 (bug 1872)
- Supported <propertyname> tag in SLD label (Bug 1857)
- Use the label element in the ColorMapEntry for the raster symbolizer
(Bug 1844)
- Adding Geos functions to php mapscript (bug 1327)
- Added a type cast to msio.i so as to eliminate the warning with the
SWIG unix/osx builds
- Fixed csharp/ for supporting the OSX builds and creating
the platform dependent mapscript_csharp.dll.config file.
- Fixed error in detection of in (bug 1868).
Version 4.10.0-beta1 (2006-08-17)
- Marking the following SWIG object members immutable (bug 1803)
layerObj.metadata, classObj.label, classObj.metadata,
fontSetObj.fonts, legendObj.label, mapObj.symbolset,
mapObj.fontset, mapObj.labelcache, mapObj.reference,
mapObj.scalebar, mapObj.legend, mapObj.querymap
mapObj.web, mapObj.configoptions, webObj.metadata,
imageObj.format, classObj.layer,,,
labelPathObj was made completely hidden (according to Steve's suggestion)
- Fixed problem with PHP MapScript's saveWebImage() filename collisions
when mapscript was loaded in php.ini with PHP as an Apache DSO (bug 1322)
- Produce warning in WFS GetFeature output if ???_featureid is specified
but corresponding item is not found in layer (bug 1781). Also produce
a warning in GetCapabilities if ???_featureid not set (bug 1782)
- Removed the default preallocation of 4 values causing memory leaks.
(related to bug 1801) Added initValues to achieve the similar
functionality if needed.
- Fixed error in msAddImageSymbol() where a symbol's imagepath was not
set (bug 1832).
- Added INCLUDE capability in mapfile parser (bug 279)
- Revert changes to mapzoom.i that swapped miny and maxy (Bug 1817).
- MapScript (swig) creation of an outputFormatObj will now set the inmapfile
flag so that it gets written out to saved maps by default (Bug 1816).
- Converted GEOS support to use the GEOS C-API (versiopn 2.2.2 and higher).
Wrapped remaining relevant GEOS functionality and exposed via SWIG-based
- If a layer has wms_timedefault metadata, make sure it is applied even
if there is no TIME= item in the url. (Bug 1810)
- Support for GEOS/ICONV/XML2 use flags in Java (related to
bug 1801)
- Missing GEOS support caused heap corruption using shapeObj C# on linux
(Bug 1801)
- Fix time filter propogation for raster layers to their tileindex layers.
New code in maprasterquery.c (bug 1809)
- Added logic to collect LD_SHARED even if PHP not requested in configure.
- Fix problems with msio/rfc16 stuff on windows. Don't depend on comparing
function pointers or "stdio" handles. (mapio.c, mapio.h, msio.i)
- Support WMC Min/Max scale in write mode (bug 1581)
- Fixed leak of shapefile handles (shp/shx/dbf) on tiled layers (bug 1802)
- Added webObj constructor and destructor to swig interface with
calls to initWeb and freeWeb (bug 1798).
- mapows.c: ensure msOWSDispatch() is always available even if there are
no services to dispatch. This makes mapscript binding easier.
- FLTAddToLayerResultCache wasn't properly closing the layer after it
was done with it.
- Added ability to encrypt tokens (passwords, etc.) in database connection
strings (MS-RFC-18, bug 1792)
- Fixed zoomRectangle in mapscript: miny and maxy were swapped, making it
impossible to zoom by rect; also the error message was referring to the
wrong rect. There were no open issues on bugzilla. Reverted because of 1817.
- Implementation of RFC 16 mapio services (bug 1788).
- Use lp->layerinfo for OGR connections (instead of ogrlayerinfo) (bug 331)
- Support treating POLYGONZ as MS_SHAPE_POLYGON. (bug 1784)
- Complete support for international languages in Java Mapscript
(bug 1753)
- Output feature id as @fid instead of @gml:id in WFS 1.0.0 / GML 2.1.2
GetFeature requests (bug 1759)
- Allow use of wms/ows_include_items and wms/ows_exclude_items to control
which items to output in text/plain GetFeatureInfo. Making the behavior
of this INFO_FORMAT consistent with the new behavior of GML GetFeatureInfo
output introduced in v4.8. (bug 1761)
IMPORTANT NOTE: With this change if the *_include_items metadata
is not specified for a given layer then no items are output for that layer
(previous behavior was to always all items by default in text/plain)
- Make sure mappostgis.c closes MYCURSOR in layer close function so that
CLOSE_CONNECTION=DEFER works properly. (bug 1757)
- Support large (>2GB) raster files relative to SHAPEPATH. (bug 1748)
- Set User-Agent in HTTP headers of client WMS/WFS connections (bug 1749)
- Detection of os-dependent Java headers for Java mapscript (bug 1209)
- Preventing to take ownership of the memory when constructing objects
with parent objects using C# mapscript (causing nullreference exception, Bug 1743)
- SWF: Adding format option to turn off loading movies automatically (Bug 1696)
- Fixed FP exception in mapgd.c when pixmap symbol 'sizey' not set (bug 1735)
- Added config file for mapping the library file so the DllImport
is looking for to its unix equivalent (Bug 1596) Thanks to Scott Ellington
- Added /csharp/ for supporting the creation of Makefile
during configuration with MONO/Linux (fix for bug 1595 and 1597)
- Added C# typemaps for char** and outputFormatObj**
- Support for dispatching multiple error messages to the MapScript interface (bug 1704).
- Fix inter-tile "cracking" problem (Bug 1715).
- OGC FILTER: Correct bug when generating an sql expression containing an escape
- Allow a user to set a PROCESSING directive for an SDE layer to specify
using the attributes or spatial index first. (bug 1708).
- Cheap and easy way of fudging the boundary extents for msSDEWhichShapes
in the case where the rectangle is really a point (bug 1699).
- Implement QUANTIZE options for GD/PNG driver (Bug 1690, Bug 1701).
- WMS: Publish the GetStyles operation in the capabilities document.
- PHP_MAPSCRIPT: Add antialias parameter in the style object (Bug 1685)
- WFS: Add the possiblity to set wfs_maxfeatures to 0 (Bug 1678)
- SLD: set the default color on the style when using default settings
in PointSymbolizer. (bug 1681)
- Incorporate range coloring support for rasters (bug 1673)
- Fixed mapthread.c looking for the unix compiler symbol rather than just
testing whether or not _WIN32 is defined for the usage of posix threads
because unix is not defined on compilers like GCC 4.0.1 for OS X.
- Fixed the fuzzy brush support so that the transition between 1 pixel aa lines
and brushes is less obvious. The old code would not allow for a 3x3 fuzzy
brush to be built. (bug 1659)
- Added missing mapscript function msConnPoolCloseUnreferenced() (bug 1661)
We need to make conn. pooling handling transparent to mapscript users
so that they do not have to call this function once in a while, for instance
by creating an evictor thread.
- Added calls to msSetup/msCleanup() at MapScript load/unload time (bug 1665)
- Reorganized nmake.opt to be more focused on functionality groups rather
than the propensity of a section to be edited. Default values are now
all set to be pointed at the MapServer Build Kit, which can be obtained
is sometimes defined in the environment, but points to $prefix/share/proj
not the proj link libraries.
- Update Web Map Context to 1.1.0, add the dimension support. (bug 1581)
- Support SLD body in context document. (bug 887)
- When generating an ogc filter for class regex expressions, use
the backslah as the default escape character (Bug 1637)
- Add connectiontype initialization logic when the layer's virtual
table is initialized (Bug 1615)
- Added modulus operator to mapparser.y.
- Added new support for [item...] tag in CGI-based templates (bug 1636)
- Reverted behaviour to pre-1.61:
do not allow for use of the FILTERITEM attribute (bug 1629)
- Treat classindex as an int instead of a char in resultCacheMemberObj to
prevent problems with more than 128 classes (bug 1633)
- WMS : SLD / stretch images when using FE (Bug 1627)
- Add gml:lineStringMember in GML2 MultiLineString geometry (bug 1569).
- PHP : add shape->sontainsshape that uses geos lib (Bug 1623).
- Move gBYTE_ORDER inside the pg layerinfo structure to allow for differently
byte ordered connections (bug 1587).
- Fix the memory allocation bug in sdeShapeCopy (Bug 1606)
- Fixed OGR WKT support (Bug 1614).
- Added shapeObj::toWkt() and ms_shapeObjFromWkt() to PHP MapScript (bug 1466)
- Finished implementation of OGR Shape2WKT function (Bug 1614).
- Detect/add -DHAVE_VSNPRINTF in configure script and prevent systematic
buffer overflow in imagemap code when vsnprintf() not available (bug 1613)
- Default layer->project to MS_TRUE even if no projection is set, to allow
geotransforms (nonsquare pixels, etc) to be applied (bug 1645).
- Force stdin into binary mode on win32 when reading post bodies. (bug 1768)
Version 4.8.0-rc2 (2006-01-09)
- Commit fix for GD on win32 when different heaps are in use. (Bug 1513)
- Correct bound reprojection issue with ogc filer (Bug 1600)
- Correct mapscript windows build problem when flag USE_WMS_SVR was
not set (Bug 1529)
- Fix up allocation of the SDE ROW_ID columns and how the functions that
call it were using it. (bug 1605)
- Fixed crash with 3D polygons in Oracle Spatial (bug 1593)
Version 4.8.0-rc1 (2005-12-22)
- Fixed shape projection to recompute shape bounds. (Bug 1586)
- Fixed segfault when copying/removing styles via MapScript. (Bug 1565)
- Fixed segfault when doing attribute queries on layers with a FILTER already
set but with no FILTERITEM.
Version 4.8.0-beta3 (2005-12-16)
- Initialize properly variable in php mapscript (Bug 1584)
- New support for pseudo anti-aliased fat lines using brushes with variable
- Arbitrary rotation support for vector symbols courtesy of Map Media.
- Support for user-defined mime-types for CGI-based browse and legend
templates (bug 1518).
- mapraster.c: Allow mapresample.c code to be called even if projections
are not set on the map or layer object. This is no longer a requirement.
(Bug 1562)
- Fix problem with WMS 1.1.1 OGC test problem with get capabilites dtd
(Bug 1576)
- PDF : adding dash line support (Bug 492)
- Fixed configure/build problem (empty include dir) when iconv.h is not
found (bug 1419)
- PDF : segfault on annotation layer when no style is set (Bug 1559)
- PostGIS layer test cases and fix for broken views and sub-selects (bug 1443).
- SDE: Removed (commented out) support for SDE rasters at this time. As far
as I know, I'm the only one to ever get it to work, it hasn't kept up with
the connection pooling stuff we did, and its utility is quite limited in
comparison to regular gdal-based raster support (projections,
resampling, etc) (HB - bug 1560).
- SDE: Put msSDELayerGetRowIDColumn at the top of mapsde.c so things
would compile correctly. This function is not included (or necessary)
in the rest of the MS RFC 3 layer virtualization at this time.
- WFS : TYPENAME is manadatory for GetFeature request (Bug 1554).
- SLD : error parsing font parameters with the keyword "normal" (Bug 1552)
- mapgraticule.c: Use MIN/MAXINTERVAL value when we define grid position and
interval (bug 1530)
- mapdrawgdal.c: Fix bug with nodata values not in the color table when
rendering some raster layers (bug 1541).
- mapogcsld.c : If a RULE name is not given, set the class name to "Unknown"
(Bug 1451)
Version 4.8.0-beta2 (2005-11-23)
- Use dynamic allocation for ellipse symbol's STYLE array, avoiding the
static limitation on the STYLE argument values. (bug 1539)
- Fix bug in mapproject.c when splitting over the horizon lines.
- Fix Tcl mapscript's getBytes method (bug 1533).
- Use mapscript.i in-place when building Ruby mapscript, copying not necessary
(bug 1528).
- Expose maximum lengths of layer, class, and style arrays in mapscript (bug
- correct msGetVersion to indicate if mapserver was build with MYGIS support.
- Fixed hang in msProjectRect() for very small rectangles due to round off
problems (bug 1526).
Version 4.8.0-beta1 (2005-11-04)
- Bug 1509: Fixed bounding box calculation in mapresample.c. The bottom right
corner was being missed in the calculation.
- MS RFC 2: added OGR based shape<->WKT implementation.
- mapgdal.c: fixed some mutex lock release issues on error conditions.
- MS RFC 8: External plugin layer providers (bug 1477)
- SLD : syntax error when auto generating external symbols (Bug 1508).
- MS RFC 3: Layer vtable architecture (bug 1477)
- wms time : correct a problem when hadling wms times with tile index rasters
(bug 1506).
- WMS TIME : Add suuport for multiple interval extents (Bug 1498)
- Removed deprecated --with-php-regex-dir switch (bug 1468)
- support wms_attribution element for LAYER's (Bug 1502)
- Correct php/mapscript bug : initialization of scale happens when
preparequery is called (Bug 1334).
- msProjectShape() will now project the lines it can, but completely
delete lines that cannot be projected properly and "NULL" the shape if
there are no lines left. (Bug 411)
- Expose msLayerWhichShapes and msLayerNextShape in MapScript. (bug 1481)
- Added support to MapScript to change images in a previously defined
symbol. (bug 1471)
- mapogcfiler.c : bug 1490. Crash when size of sld filters was huge.
- Fixed --enable-point-z-m fix in (== -> =) (bug 1485).
- Extra scalebar layer creation is prevented with a typo fix in mapscale.c.
Good catch, Tamas (bug 1480).
- mapwmslayer.c : use transparency set at the layer level on wms client
layers (Bug 1458)
- mapresample.c: added BILINEAR/AVERAGE resampling options.
- mapfile.c: avoid tail recursion in freeFeatureList().
- maplegend.c: fixed leak of imageObj when embedding legends.
- msGDALCleanup(): better error handler cleanup.
- Modified msResetErrorList() to free the last error link too, to ensure
msCleanup() scrubs all error related memory.
- Fix in msGetGDALGetTransform() to use default geotransform even if
GDALGetGeoTransform() fails but alters the geotransform array.
- Typemaps for C# to enable imageObj.getBytes() method (bug 1389).
- Enable -DUSE_ZLIB via configure for compressed SVG output (bug 1307).
- maputil.c/msAddLine(): rewrite msAddLine() to call
msAddLineDirectly, and use realloc() in msAddLineDirectly() to optimize
growth of shapeObjs. (bug 1432)
- msTmpFile: ensure counter is incremented to avoid duplicate
temporary filenames. (bug 1312)
- SLD external graphic symbol format tests now for mime type
like image/gif instead of just GIF. (bug 1430)
- Added support for OGR layers to use SQL type filers (bug 1292)
- mapio/cgiutil - fixed POST support in fastcgi mode. (bug 1259)
- mapresample.c - ensure that multi-band raw results can be
resampled. (bug 1372)
- Add support in OGC FE for matchCase attribute on
PropertyIsEqual and PropertyIsLike (bug 1416)
- Fixed sortshp.c to free shapes after processing to avoid major
memory leak. (bug 1418)
- fixed msHTTPInit() not ever being called which prevented msHTTPCleanup()
from properly cleaning up cUrl with curl_global_cleanup(). (bug 1417)
- mapsde.c: add thread locking in msSDELCacheAdd
- fixed mappool.c so that any thread can release a connection,
not just it's allocator. (bug 1402)
- mapthread.c/h: Added TLOCK_SDE and TLOCK_ORACLE - not used yet.
- Fixed copying of layer and join items. (bug 1403)
- Fixed copying of processing directives within copy of a layer. (bug 1399)
- Problems with string initialization. (bug 1312)
- Fix svg output for multipolygons. (bug 1390)
- Added querymapObj to PHP MapScript (bug 535)
Version 4.6.0 (2005-06-14)
- Bug 1163 : Filter Encoding spatial operator is Intersects
and not Intersect.
- Fixed GEOS to shapeObj for multipolgon geometries.
Version 4.6.0-rc1 (2005-06-09)
- Bug 1375: Fixed seg fault in mapscript caused by the USE_POINT_Z_M flag.
This flag was not carried to the mapscript Makefile(s).
- Bug 1367: Fixed PHP MapScript's symbolObj->setPoints() to correctly
set symbolObj->sizex/sizey
- Bug 1373: Added $layerObj->removeClass() to PHP MapScript (was already
in SWIG MapScript)
Version 4.6.0-beta3 (2005-05-27)
- Bug 1298 : enable Attribution element in wms Capabilities XML
- Bug 1354: Added a regex wrapper, allowing MapServer to build with PHP
compiled with its builtin regex
- Bug 1364: HTML legend templates: support [if] tests on "group_name" in
leg_group_html blocks, and for "class_name" in leg_class_html blocks.
- Bug 1149: From WMS 1.1.1, SRS are given in individual tags in root Layer
- First pass at properly handling XML exceptions from CONNECTIONTYPE WMS
layers. Still needs some work. (bug 1246)
- map.h/mapdraw.c: removed MAX/MIN macros in favour of MS_MAX/MS_MIN.
- Bug 1341, 1342 : Parse the unit parameter for DWithin filter request.
Set the layer tolerance and toleranceunit with paramaters parsed.
- Bug 1277 : Support of multiple logical operators in Filter Encoding.
- mapwcs.c: If msDrawRasterLayerLow() fails, ensure that the error message
is posted as a WCS exception.
- Added experimental support for "labelcache_map_edge_buffer" metadata to
define a buffer area with no labels around the edge of a map (bug 1353)
Version 4.6.0-beta2 (2005-05-11)
- Bug 179 : add a small buffer around the cliping rectangle to
avoid lines around the edges.
- Finished code to convert back and forth between GEOS geometries. Buffer and
convex hull operations are exposed in mapscript.
- fontset.fonts hash now exposed in mapscript (bug 1345).
- Bug 1336 : Retreive distance value for DWithin filter request
done with line and polygon shapes/
- Bug 985 / 1015: Don't render raster layers as classified if none of
the classes has an expression set (gdal renderer only).
- Bug 1344: Fixed several issues in writing of inline SYMBOLS when saving
mapfile (missing quotes around CHARACTER and other string members of SYMBOL
object, check for NULLs, and write correct identifiers for POSITION,