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Fix memory leak in msINLINELayerNextShape() and null pointer derefere…
…nce in maplexer when rerunning it after msCleanup() (fixes #5558)
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rouault committed Sep 9, 2019
1 parent 336b6fb commit 019a5b405afb810f6927063b31ea9c98681599b4
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Showing 6 changed files with 514 additions and 455 deletions.
@@ -2227,6 +2227,7 @@ int msINLINELayerNextShape(layerObj *layer, shapeObj *shape)
shape->values = (char **)msSmallRealloc(shape->values, sizeof(char *)*(layer->numitems));
for (i = shape->numvalues; i < layer->numitems; i++)
shape->values[i] = msStrdup("");
shape->numvalues = layer->numitems;


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