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Add <ogc:PropertyName></ogc:PropertyName> tags in SLD label (#4921)
Added in <label></label> when we are using values from an attribute
(ie property in OGC terms). In MapServer this is the only way to get
a value for a label when using the labelitem parameter.
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yjacolin-bot authored and tbonfort committed Sep 2, 2014
1 parent 3241921 commit d2867f7943a321096a4007e5f791cf30f9db044e
Showing 1 changed file with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
@@ -3833,7 +3833,7 @@ char *msSLDGenerateTextSLD(classObj *psClass, layerObj *psLayer, int nVersion)
snprintf(szTmp, sizeof(szTmp), "<%sTextSymbolizer>\n", sNameSpace);
pszSLD = msStringConcatenate(pszSLD, szTmp);

snprintf(szTmp, sizeof(szTmp), "<%sLabel>%s</%sLabel>\n", sNameSpace,
snprintf(szTmp, sizeof(szTmp), "<%sLabel><ogc:PropertyName>%s</ogc:PropertyName></%sLabel>\n", sNameSpace,
psLayer->labelitem, sNameSpace);
pszSLD = msStringConcatenate(pszSLD, szTmp);

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