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handle the case where include_dirs is set in distutils.cfg
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nijikon committed Jul 10, 2015
1 parent e9045bc commit f6805a1771e8c2daadb33d07ca0a7dcb940ea342
Showing 1 changed file with 13 additions and 0 deletions.
@@ -32,6 +32,11 @@
except ImportError:
import popen2

def update_dirs(list1, list2):
for v in list2:
if v not in list1 and os.path.isdir(v):

# # Function needed to make unique lists.
def unique(list):
@@ -144,8 +149,12 @@ def get_mapserver_config(self, option):
return get_config(option, config =self.mapserver_config)

def finalize_options(self):
if isinstance(self.include_dirs, str):
self.include_dirs = [path.strip() for path in self.include_dirs.strip().split(":")]
if self.include_dirs is None:
self.include_dirs = include_dirs

update_dirs(self.include_dirs, include_dirs)

includes = self.get_mapserver_config('includes')
includes = includes.split()
@@ -154,9 +163,13 @@ def finalize_options(self):
if item[2:] not in include_dirs:
self.include_dirs.append( item[2:] )

if isinstance(self.library_dirs, str):
self.library_dirs = [path.strip() for path in self.library_dirs.strip().split(":")]
if self.library_dirs is None:
self.library_dirs = library_dirs

update_dirs(self.library_dirs, library_dirs)

libs = self.get_mapserver_config('libs')
self.library_dirs = self.library_dirs + [x[2:] for x in libs.split() if x[:2] == "-L"]

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