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Fix illegal use of stack-allocated objects in maprendering
pointObj and lineObj defined in the else block in msDrawLabelBounds()
are valid only in the "else" block context. Once outside (e.g. in the
"return msDrawShadeSymbol()"), the variables should not be considered
valid anymore ; it led in some cases in underlying calls to
msSmallAlloc() with a negative integer, resulting in a "unable to
allocate memory" error.

First version of this patch extracted the pointObj / lineObj variables
just before the "if" call, the current one was proposed by @gberaudo.
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pmauduit committed Jul 3, 2014
1 parent 0c573e4 commit f7772c36c39e28fe4e53d6632aedcc32c542877c
Showing 1 changed file with 3 additions and 2 deletions.
@@ -975,6 +975,7 @@ int msDrawLabelBounds(mapObj *map, imageObj *image, label_bounds *bnds, styleObj
shape.numlines = 1;
if(bnds->poly) {
shape.line = bnds->poly;
return msDrawShadeSymbol(map,image,&shape,style,scalefactor);
} else {
pointObj pnts1[5];
lineObj l;
@@ -984,9 +985,9 @@ int msDrawLabelBounds(mapObj *map, imageObj *image, label_bounds *bnds, styleObj
pnts1[2].x = pnts1[3].x = bnds->bbox.maxx;
pnts1[0].y = pnts1[3].y = pnts1[4].y = bnds->bbox.miny;
pnts1[1].y = pnts1[2].y = bnds->bbox.maxy;
shape.line = &l;
shape.line = &l; // must return from this block
return msDrawShadeSymbol(map,image,&shape,style,scalefactor);
return msDrawShadeSymbol(map,image,&shape,style,scalefactor);

int msDrawTextSymbol(mapObj *map, imageObj *image, pointObj labelPnt, textSymbolObj *ts)

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