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MapFile viewers

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🔔 Please also check the Mapfile editors page

Built-in viewer

Since MapServer 6.0 you can use the built-in OpenLayers viewer.

Mapfile developer script

Minimalistic HTML viewer for UMN MapServer mapfiles in simple standalone WSGI server.

  • Works for MapServer < 6.0
  • Doesn't require web server running on Your machine. It creates its own WSGI server which is more like a development environments should look like (Django dev server).
  • Usable debug messages in console
  • Possibilities to override CONNECTION setting - in production one can use different credentials than in development.
  • Possibility to override some other parameters line EXTENT. It creates possibility to work with many projects with the same base mapfile. More overriding options to come.
  • Simple mapfile syntax check tool


QGIS Mapfile tools

QGIS mapfile viewer plugin.

QGIS plugin repository:

Source code: