revisit popup legend design in info pages #425

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From Steven:

  • Consistency: change “Storylayers” to “StoryLayers”
  • Add a close button ( this addresses the oft reported 'legend won't close' bug - #307 )
  • Items under subheaders - make regular font weight (not bold). Subheaders (“StoryLayers”, “Base Layers”) should remain bold.
  • Change text color to white.
  • Base Map: change it to a dropdown; show the legend (if any) associated with the selected base layer below the dropdown
  • Mockup (note: also shows other changes in addition to those listed above) :

From Ian:
overflow on the legend may still be needed (in addition to the close button) but we should style the scrollbars. see maps/153 on dev server for example.

cholmes commented Jun 21, 2013

That mockup is behind opengeo permissions. It's also up at

@bartvde bartvde was assigned Jun 21, 2013

Is there a way to have the legend window show the MapStory title as well? Currently in embed or full screen playback there is no way for viewer to know what the MapStory is about. Rather than take up more screen real estate, locating the MapStory title somewhere in legend seems to make the most sense


Also need legend to re-size, so it only extends as large as the content there is to fill it. Currently the legend is defaulted to fill the whole MapStory viewer height, and is often covered by annotations

@jonpmarino jonpmarino closed this Oct 2, 2015
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