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from webob.exc import HTTPInternalServerError
import logging
import time
logger = logging.getLogger('mapstory.watchdog.watchmonkey')
def filter_factory(global_conf, **local_conf):
def filter_app(app):
return generate_chaosmonkey_app(local_conf, app)
return filter_app
def error_response(app):
def handler(environ, start_response, msg=None):
if msg is None:
msg = u'ChaosMonkey Error''generating error')
resp = HTTPInternalServerError(body=msg)
return resp(environ, start_response)
return handler
def timeout_response(app):
default_length = 5
def handler(environ, start_response, length=None):
timeout = int(length)
except ValueError:
timeout = default_length
except TypeError:
timeout = default_length'sleeping for: %s seconds' % timeout)
return app(environ, start_response)
return handler
def log_response(app):
# XXX just placeholders for now
# will most likely want to read this in from a file instead
log_text = {
'out-of-memory': 'java.lang.OutOfMemory\n',
'npe': 'NullPointerException\n',
default_exception = 'npe'
default_file = 'foo.log'
def handler(environ, start_response, exception=None, file=None):
if exception is None:
exception = default_exception
if file is None:
file = default_file
msg = log_text.get(exception)
if msg is None:
logger.warn('Unknown exception type: %s' % exception)
else:'Adding log message to: %s' % file)
with open(file, 'a') as f:
return app(environ, start_response)
return handler
def generate_chaosmonkey_app(local_conf, app):
# read all parameters from ini file
params = {}
for k, v in local_conf.items():
# a '.' means it is a configurable parameter we should be interested in here,
# and not a path
if '.' in k:
paramtype, option, for_path = k.split('.')
params.setdefault(paramtype, {}).setdefault(for_path, {}).setdefault(option, v)
# generate the different kinds of monkey middleware with the appropriate params
fn_map = dict(
# dispatch to the appropriate handler based on the path
def chaosmonkey(environ, start_response):
path = environ['PATH_INFO']
monkey_with_fn = local_conf.get(path)
if monkey_with_fn is not None:'monkeying with path: ' + path)
fn = fn_map[monkey_with_fn]
kwargs = params.get(monkey_with_fn, {}).get(path, {})
return fn(environ, start_response, **kwargs)
logger.debug('passing through: ' + path)
return app(environ, start_response)
return chaosmonkey
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